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OCTOBER 2017 PRECISION ENGINE 15 PRECISION ENGINE the hose. Once the hose end has been assembled, remove the reference tape from the hose. 5 Before installing a completed hose assembly, make sure that all threads are clean and free of burrs, and lightly lube all male threads to aid in installation. Once the entire system has been installed on the engine, start the engine to allow coolant flow and check each connection for leaks. If you find a leak, lightly back off the threaded connection and retighten. Do not over-tighten. Sealing takes place at the hose-end-to-fitting 37-degree seat. Do not apply any type of thread-sealing tape or paste to any tapered seat hose end or fitting. Only apply a thread sealer to any NPT threaded connection, (for example, where you install an NPT fitting to a water neck housing). MIKE MAVRIGIAN owns and operates Birchwood Automotive in Creston, Ohio, where he builds custom engines, street rods and performs vehicle res- torations. He has written thou- sands of technical articles, as well as nine books on automotive technology during the past 30 years. Mike can be reached at 330- 435-6347 or Visit Birchwood's website at www.birchwoodauto- During tightening, ob- serve the reference tape. It's common to see a slight back-out movement of the hose as shown here. Hose end assembly ready for installation.

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