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58 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2017 RESTYLING/AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES tions," he says, "the ways that things are done are always changing. We've earned a number of certifications and we are a member of the United Applications Stan- dards Group, which governs the way things should be applied with vinyl graphics." AIR FORCE WON It's likely that professional approach helped land WrapThatCar a job when the U.S. Air Force came knocking. To date, the company has wrapped about 25 vehicles, five walls and five outside windows for its military client. "It all began with a simple job," Dempsey recalls. "A recruiter from the Air Force wanted a golf cart wrapped. We told him that there was no job too small and did it. They were impressed and the next thing we knew, we had three trailers and then, ultimately, about 10 cars. They'd bring over one a day." Part of what WrapThatCar did right was to confidently accept each job without res- ervation, Dempsey believes. "We took on a Ford Escape, a trailer, a Gator—a number of different vehicles for them," he says. "Probably the Ford Expedi- tion we did for them was my favorite. They wanted a different look—a riveted metal along the side. Fortunately, we could do all of those things." Working out of a facility that includes an office and two warehouses totaling 4,000 square feet, Dempsey and his crew have perfected the wrap process over time. From design to application, every step is impor- tant, as the Air Force jobs have shown. "We'd meet and go back and forth," he says. "We'd draw up rough sketches, bringing in our designer to help us learn what they were looking for." Then it was back to the shop to get a proof ready. "We have templates of almost every vehicle to scale, so we can design on it. Within two days we can say, 'This is what it will look like on your vehicle.' Then we can tinker—put a number here, a graphic there." After final approval, it's then five produc- tion days. "We print and laminate and cut down materials. On the fifth day, it gets done." Having such a strict timeline is important to maintaining consistent productivity, says Dempsey. Wrap That Car A Ford Expedition that WrapThatCar did for the U.S. Air Force features a riveted metal look. The shop impressed Air Force officials by always accepting unique projects and then deliver- ing them on time. A strict timeline is important to maintaining consistent productivity, Dempsey believes.

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