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60 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2017 TOOLS OF THE TRADE He also says there were no unexpected chal- lenges with the Air Force work, and found that the 3M and Avery Dennison product lines the company utilized yielded profes- sional results. "We used the 3M IJ180Cv3 wrap vinyl," he notes. "That's one of the newer vinyls that 3M manufactures for car wraps. That's what we run through the 54-inch HP latex printer. We take the 180Cv3—we print on that and leave it for one day, just to make sure it sits before we laminate it. In this case, we used 3M 8520 matte laminate." The vinyl is good for about seven to 10 years, he adds, "depending on sun and salt conditions. The inks are two to three years. So, we laminate to add another one to three years (of life to the graphic)." WrapThatCar ( takes pride in serving a serious customer like the Air Force. "They were very pleased; their superiors were pleased," Dempsey adds. "It was my contact's idea, so his reaction was also very happy. "It's great working with the military," he continues, noting an unexpected benefit: Punctuality. "They are very responsive and on-time. With the Air Force, we set up the schedule of Monday, Tuesday and Friday, for two weeks. Every day they said they'd be here, they showed up. They would come pick up one vehicle and bring another. It's nice when things go as planned." But the Air Force work isn't the only game in town. A variety of clients visit the WrapThatCar shop with projects big and small—and not always vehicles. "There was a time when vinyl colors were laid down separately," Dempsey notes. "Now, it's all done at the same time with printed vinyl. There's an ease to the com- plexity of laying on a building, on bricks, on stucco, on concrete. We can do full building wraps. "We market to and have commercial clients," he explains. "And we also have mom-and-pops and startup businesses." In fact, local professionals have become a big part of the WrapThatCar client base. "We have a large HVAC company," he says. "They've had 40 vehicles wrapped and 6,000 square feet of the inside walls of their building. It looks like a museum." Big jobs like that may bring a higher pro- file, but aren't treated any differently than retail clients looking for something special. "We wrapped a catcher's helmet for a softball player. We've wrapped a bookstore; we wrap car washes. We showcase every- thing," he says. "We're just as proud of that helmet as we are of the building wrap." Along with its Air Force jobs, WrapThatCar takes on a variety of vehicle and commercial projects. Wrap That Car No job is too big or too small—even a catch- er's mask gets the WrapThatCar treatment. RESTYLING/AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES The company has landed jobs wrapping fleets of box trucks and vans.

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