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4:00-5:55 PM WORKSHOP STAGE Industry Initiative On Data Transparency Do you really know how reliable the data that underlies your decisions is? Advertising and marketing increasingly relies upon combinations of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, combined and modeled to generate relevant target groups. However, the process is fraught with risk to marketers because it is diffi cult to know how good the data are that go into the mix. Now a new major industry initiative has been proposed involving industry associations to address this and we want you to be in on the ground fl oor. Join us to discuss the idea of a standard "ingredients label" system, outline what such a label would be and how to make that concept a reality. A Cocktail Reception will follow. PRESENTED BY ARF & CIMM 4:00-5:30 PM NEWGEN STAGE UCB Art Of The Pitch Despite the many changes ad agencies are facing, the art of the pitch has remained ever- relevant. And the pressurized fever pitch pace demands high performance. UCB's cutting-edge comedy and teaching improvisation comes to the Advertising Week stage, presented by Media iQ. With a customized approach blending comedy fundamentals that double as professional skills, a competitive advantage is sure to be gained. PRESENTED BY MEDIA IQ BY INVITATION ONLY 4:15-5:00 PM PLAYSTATION EAST The Currency Of Trust: How Should Brands Navigate The New 'Post-trust' Landscape? Your brand's most valuable business commodity is its reputational trust. With the Edelman Trust Barometer showing a decline in trust across all institutions and brands feeling the full force of this shift in consumer behavior, knowing how and where you should be communicating with your customers is crucial. It is also critical to understand the role of trust in the consumer journey. Is your brand's trustworthiness affected by how and where it engages with customers? Join respected industry leaders for a panel discussion on trust and discover the tools and platforms you need to navigate the 'post-trust' world and build consumer confi dence. Penry Price VP, Marketing Solutions , LINKEDIN PRESENTED BY LINKEDIN 4:00-5:55 PM 4:00-5:30 PM 4:15-5:00 PM 3:45-4:25 PM BING STAGE Brand Leadership In A Polarized World A year of unprecedented upheaval has seen a momentous erosion of consumer trust. And consumers, now more than ever, are expressing their values through brand purchases: 57% of consumers are buying or boycotting brands based on the brand's position on issues in society, and 30% are buying or boycotting more than they were 3 years ago. This new environment is forcing brands into uncomfortable territory of taking a stand on the issues of the day, but it presents a huge opportunity for them to deepen their relationship with consumers. Join a discussion on what brands can and should be doing in this new environment, whether they take a stance and champion a cause alone and what responsibility do they hold in shaping culture?. MODERATOR Alexandra Bruell Reporter , WALL STREET JOURNAL Richard Edelman President & CEO , EDELMAN PRESENTED BY EDELMAN 3:45-5:45 PM NASDAQ MARKETSITE The Attention Summit Presented By Twitch Every day our lives are becoming more and more fi lled with distractions. The days of Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat are gone and replaced by hundreds of moments like: binge watching Netfl ix, catching up on Twitter, or waiting in line for hours in hopes of getting the coveted Cronut (and Instagramming it). In short, time is more scarce than ever before. Join Jonathan Simpson-Bint CRO of Twitch, Anthony Danzi SVP of Sales at Twitch, and others to learn how brands can cut through the clutter and be a champion of time in the battle for attention. Anthony Danzi SVP of Sales , TWITCH Jonathan Simpson-Bint Chief Revenue Offi cer , TWITCHTV EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: GIFS & VISUAL EXPRESSION IN MOBILE COMMUNICATION Mobile messaging dominates personal communication, with people now relying heavily on visuals to express their thoughts and feelings. Thirty years after its creation, the GIF is exploding as a primary way people communicate — and as a valuable marketing medium for content creators and brand advertisers. Join us for a thought-provoking conversation on the power of visual expression — including data insights from the Tenor Emotional Graph and real-world expertise from top marketers activating consumer engagement using GIFs. Jason R. Krebs Chief Business Offi cer , TENOR PRESENTED BY TENOR 3:45-5:45 PM T U E S D A Y 1 0 5

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