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4:30-5:10 PM 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE Meet The CEO: The FT's Leadership Roundtable Meet four of advertising's most compelling CEOs and ask them your toughest questions ranging from hiring policy, to talent strategy, to business culture and fostering a diverse workforce. Hear as Shannon Bond, the Financial Times's media correspondent, interviews a panel of the ad industry's leading lights on their personal journeys to the top and their take on these hot topics. MODERATOR Shannon Bond Media Correspondent , FINANCIAL TIMES Chris Brown President & CEO, DDB New York , DDB NEW YORK Christine Fruechte CEO , COLLE + MCVOY Monique Nelson Chair & CEO , UWG PRESENTED BY FINANCIAL TIMES 5:15-6:00 PM BING STAGE Filmmakers & Taking A Stand With Your Brand A brand is its story, not a logo or any one campaign. Brands win when they can bring that story to life in a way that is aligned with their ethos and take a stand with purpose-driven work, rather than only spotlighting product. The challenge brands face now is not just fi nding the right stories but the right people to tell them. Who better to help marketers, then the ultimate experts in storytelling: fi lmmakers. In this conversation, you'll hear from award- winning fi lmmakers about how they are creating purpose-driven work with brands that put quality storytelling fi rst. Zachary Heinzer Director Paula Weinstein Producer & EVP , TRIBECA ENTERPRISES PRESENTED BY TRIBECA ENTERPRISES 5:15-5:55 PM 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE GLAAD Presents AMPLIFIED: LGBTQ Voices In Advertising GLAAD presents AMPLIFIED: LGBTQ Voices in Advertising, showcasing a distinguished panel of top advertising executives and an in-depth analysis of this year's most talked about LGBTQ inclusive ads. MODERATOR Hannah Fishman Executive Creative Director , DDB Sarah Kate Ellis President & CEO , GLAAD Paul Marcarelli Actor/Spokesperson , SPRINT Donna Pedro WW Chief Diversity & Inclusion Offi cer , OGILVY & MATHER Tiffany R. Warren SVP & Chief Diversity Offi cer , OMNICOM GROUP PRESENTED BY GLAAD GLAAD.ORG/AMPLIFIED 4:30-5:10 PM 5:15-6:00 PM 5:15-5:55 PM 4:30-5:10 PM BING STAGE Brand Bravery Classic marketing advice tells us that brands should avoid polarizing social issues, but our unpredictable world and a new generation of consumers has created a different rule book. Trust in everything from government institutions to journalism is crumbling, and people are starting to look elsewhere for guidance, including the capitalist powers: brands. Dawn Laguens EVP and Chief Experience Offi cer , PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION OF AMERICA PRESENTED BY TBWA 4:30-5:10 PM SHUTTERSTOCK STAGE Data <3 Creative: A Strategic Symbiosis This panel will explore how successful brands and disruptors are inverting the traditional approach and abandoning a silo-ed team structure in favor of a data-driven approach to creativity to break down barriers to marketing success in the age of digital. MODERATOR Quynh Mai Founder , MOVING IMAGE & CONTENT Charles Dreas Managing Dir., US Media Analytics , NIELSEN Richard Reid Executive Creative Director , BUZZFEED Maureen Traynor Global Director, Creative Solutions , SPOTIFY Becky Wang Chief Executive Offi cer , CROSSBEAT NEW YORK PRESENTED BY MOVING IMAGE & CONTENT 4:30-5:10 PM TARGET MEDIA NETWORK STAGE What Is Good Data & Its Future? Everyone is talking data. More than 80% of marketers say they intend to use data to shape their marketing strategy*. There is a lot of data out there and it is increasingly diffi cult to sparse out what is good data and how you will use it to inform your marketing decisions. Learn from industry leaders their approach to data driven marketing and what the future looks like. After the discussion, meet the Target marketing team & our beloved Bullseye for a cocktail and continue the conversation. MODERATOR Suzanne Vranica Advertising Editor , WSJ Kristi Argyilan SVP, Media & Guest Engagement , TARGET Andy Fisher Chief Analytics Offi cer , MERKLE PRESENTED BY TARGET MEDIA NETWORK 4:30-5:10 PM 4:30-5:10 PM 4:30-5:10 PM E V E N T S 1 0 8

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