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5:15-5:55 PM TARGET MEDIA NETWORK STAGE Redefi ning The Shopping Experience & Marketing Through Visual Technology The retail landscape is evolving to an extent we once only dreamed about. Join Target and Pinterest to hear about how they are using visual technology and unique consumer insights to redefi ne the shopping experience and how they plan to market to guests in new and exciting ways. After the discussion, meet the Target marketing team & the beloved Bullseye for a cocktail and continue the conversation around "Redefi ning the shopping experience & marketing through visual technology". Rick Gomez EVP and CMO , TARGET Tim Kendall President , PINTEREST PRESENTED BY PINTEREST 5:15-5:55 PM 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE How The Power Of Different Will Change The World Three years ago, a few ad execs talked about the impact that diverse thinking has on corporate culture and how the power of a single idea could overcome one of the most profound and overlooked discrimination issues of our time. Join us for heartwarming storytelling, and hear how action-versus-talk will change the lives of over 7 million people. Discover the power of "Creative Spirit" and fi nd out how your organization can become part of the movement about to change the the world of business forever. Ned Benson Award Winning Director & Filmmaker Karen Eisenbach CMO , VOYA Brett Fleming CREATIVE SPIRIT Candidate Adrian Flores ECD , PUBLICIS Stacy Green EVP , A+E NETWORKS Gina Grillo Founding Partner CREATIVE SPIRIT , Pres & CEO, THE ADVERTISING CLUB OF NEW YORK Gianna Morello CREATIVE SPIRIT Candidate David Nobay Founding Partner CREATIVE SPIRIT , CCO MARCEL Susanne Priessler Executive Producer , INDEPENDENT MEDIA Laurel Rossi Founding Partner CREATIVE SPIRIT , CMO RAUXA PRESENTED BY 5:15-5:55 PM BING STAGE Content Takes Flight Today "content" has come of age as the critical overarching factor of marketing and affects every aspect of your advertising. Explore how the broader defi nition and application of Content can reimagine a brand's marketing strategy and will prove critical to every brand's future advertising efforts. Desmond Marzette Global Dir. Advertising , JORDAN BRAND Dexton Deboree Co-Founder , LOS YORK 5:15-5:55 PM 5:15-5:55 PM 4:30-5:10 PM 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE Designing AI For Human Emotion Humans are rapidly being replaced by smart technology. With this algorithmic future on our doorstep, how do we ensure we continue to make meaningful connections with our audiences? In a world where robots are taking over, emotion is all the more important to win consumers' hearts. Explore how AI can be designed to feel human. Michael Vromans Creative Director , DPDK PRESENTED BY DPDK 4:30-5:10 PM BING STAGE eBay: Brand Success Story Join for a lively discussion with a top brand on how a holistic commerce partnership with eBay drove success. Josh will dive into how leveraging audience insights helped this brand reach in-market shoppers, as they talk through goals, solution and results. Josh Wetzel Senior Dir., Sales & Marketing, eBay Advertising , EBAY PRESENTED BY EBAY 4:45-5:25 PM WORKSHOP STAGE Uber, Pepsi, Wells Fargo: How Data Is Transforming Crisis Communications Most brands have inadequate tools for measuring the impact of a PR Crisis — and for determining the effective way to respond. But new advances in survey research are changing that. Learn how to use new technologies to prepare for crises, measure the fallout, & make sure the reputation stays intact. Hear insights from interviews with over 1.5 million people — including exclusive data on the recent controversies. MODERATOR Michael Ramlet CEO , MORNING CONSULT 5:00-5:40 PM NASDAQ MARKETSITE Substance Is Viral Advertisers are constantly vying for audience attention - hardly a news fl ash. But how deep is this content? Are audiences engaging? At a time where low-calorie content is surfacing due to scrambled efforts to produce, produce, produce, come learn from Vox Media and other top marketing leaders about the challenges of ensuring relevance and quality in video content that goes deeper. Armando Turco General Manager , VOX CREATIVE PRESENTED BY VOX 4:30-5:10 PM 4:30-5:10 PM 4:45-5:25 PM 5:00-5:40 PM E V E N T S Creative leaders share their favorite work, the work they envy, and the work they'll be doing in 2022. 4:25PM • 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE C R E AT I V E S H O R T S 1 3 2

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