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12:15-1:00 PM PLAYSTATION EAST Saturday Morning: Making Difference Happen, Impacting Creativity & Business Last year, SATURDAY MORNING promised to bring about change in how diversity and inclusion issues are addressed in corporate America and advertising. Today, they share the progress they have made working with the business and a growing group of Universities. They will also share how they solved the Peace Brief with an eye-opening product that answers the question they posed: "the police and the communities they serve – how do we reduce the violence?" Keith Cartwright ECD , BUTLER, SHINE, STERN & PARTNER Geoff Edwards Co-Group Creative Head , CAA Jayanta Jenkins Global Group Creative Director , TWITTER 12:30-1:10 PM SHUTTERSTOCK STAGE Changing The Game: The Intel Case Study Evolving desires are affecting the content behaviors of consumer of all types—including sports fans. The emergence of new immersive media experiences is empowering fans all over the world with new ways to engage with their favorite sports, teams and players both inside and outside the stadium. Learn how Intel Sports is leading the content evolution. Sandra Lopez Vice President , INTEL SPORTS Mark McCaffrey Technology, Media and Telecom Leader , PWC 12:45-1:25 PM TARGET MEDIA NETWORK STAGE Masters Of Monetizing Content Generating revenue from content, particularly digital video content, can be a tricky business. While many publishers in the digital world have integrated commerce into their business from the start, many are stuck playing a game of catch-up. Many also question how fastening a dollar sign to their content affects the storytelling process in the long-haul. In a post ad-blocking world, how do publishers prioritize relevance for their readers and viewers, knowing monetization is a must? Leading Chief Revenue Offi cers in the publishing world discuss the importance of creating commercial content that benefi ts the reader, and how fi nding the balance to both inspire and inform is the key to successfully monetizing content. MODERATOR Betty Liu Host RADIATE Gil Becker CEO ANYCLIP John DeVine CRO , OATH Jed Hartman CRO , THE WASHINGTON POST John Trimble CRO , PANDORA 12:15-1:00 PM 12:30-1:10 PM 12:45-1:25 PM 11:40-12:25 PM SHUTTERSTOCK STAGE Media As Experience Entertainment & media brands today often create much more than just shows to bring superior value for fans, advertisers, & distributors. They know they need to create powerful, fan-focused experiences that connect content with community in compelling ways across multiple platforms — digital and physical as well on demand and live. Learn how NBCUniversal is using the power of its premium content brands in exciting new ways to create the next generation of media experiences for users and the marketers that want to reach them. Christopher Vollmer Technology, Media & Telecom Americas Leader , PWC PRESENTED BY PWC 12:00-12:40 PM TARGET MEDIA NETWORK STAGE Total Video & OTT For Fortune 100 Brands Join video ad serving platform SpotX and leaders from fortune 100 brands in exploring how brands can capitalize on the marketing opportunities presented with connected TV and captive audiences streaming content through over-the-top. What happens now that OTT is the new norm of the living room and how do brand leaders intend (or how have they already) shifted budgets? How do we reconcile legacy and digital advertising as it relates to the very media itself, currency, measurement, and targeting? Michael Scott Head of Sales for the East Coast , SAMSUNG ADS PRESENTED BY SPOTX 12:00-12:40 PM BING STAGE Mixed Reality In Today's Advertising Landscape Check for latest updates. PRESENTED BY BING 12:15-12:55 PM WORKSHOP STAGE Attribution: From The Fundamentals To The Unexpected Measurement is the new currency for maximizing media effectiveness. Explore new ways of looking at the marketing funnel. Whether driving conversions or measuring for pure awareness, analyzing data to interpret audience segments is critically important. Marketers will learn about online and offl ine attribution, audience measurement and validation in an open and engaging session that will include practical takeaways to build a great marketing plan. Seph Zdarko Dir. Data, Modeling, Partnerships , QUANTCAST PRESENTED BY QUANTCAST 11:40-12:25 PM 12:00-12:40 PM 12:00-12:40 PM 12:15-12:55 PM T H U R S D A Y Creative leaders share their favorite work, the work they envy, and the work they'll be doing in 2022. 12:40PM • 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE C R E AT I V E S H O R T S 1 4 1

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