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1:30-2:10 PM TARGET MEDIA NETWORK STAGE When Content, Consumers, And Consumption Collide We all know that online video consumption is on the rise, which makes digital video an increasingly critical part of every marketer's strategy. We also know that publishers want the same thing as advertisers - access to consumers - and that both groups insist on a premium, TV-quality, and brand-safe environment. With these challenges in mind, hear from leading marketers and publishers, about how they are embracing the evolution of video and content to meet millions of highly engaged users where they are, every day. MODERATOR Matt Derella Global VP, Client Solutions , TWITTER Jason Blanck Director of Partnerships , HEARST DIGITAL MEDIA Helen Lin US Investment & Partnerships , PUBLICIS MEDIA EXCHANGE Lou Paskalis SVP, Enterprise Media Planning, Investment & Measurement , BANK OF AMERCA Ben Smith Editor-in-Chief , BUZZFEED PRESENTED BY TWITTER 1:30-2:10 PM 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE Truth In (Programmatic) Trading: Expect Transparency, Disclosure & Quality Whether discussing fraud, brand reputation or data, transparency has become the buzzword in digital advertising and adtech today. As the industry evolves and new technologies come to market at a breakneck rate, publishers and advertisers are constantly being introduced to the newest platforms and strategies that promise to be "the perfect solution." It is almost impossible to keep up with every new tool, let alone decipher which ones are legitimate and which are just smoke-and-mirrors. PRESENTED BY OPENX 1:45-2:25 PM WORKSHOP STAGE ASO: Why You Need It, How To Do It, & What The Future Holds ASO has become an increasingly heard buzzword in the digital/mobile media space over the last few years. It has helped our clients increase downloads/installs AND improved media spend metrics by up to 35%. Today's session, hosted in part by Amazon Audible & Store Maven, will walk through why ASO is important, key components for success, & some areas that are often overlooked. We'll wrap up the session discussing the future of ASO and how the implementation of iOS 11 will impact the current landscape. MODERATOR Steve DeAngelis VP North America , M&C SAATCHI MOBILE Bolong Li Senior Manager, Mobile Marketing , AUDIBLE Adam Rakib Co-Founder, VP Bus. Development , STORE MAVEN Peter Yoon Senior Strategist & ASO Specialist , M&C SAATCHI MOBILE PRESENTED BY M&C SAATCHI MOBILE 1:30-2:10 PM 1:30-2:10 PM 1:45-2:25 PM 12:45-1:25 PM 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE Trust, Safety & The Pursuit Of Transparency Digital media power-players will explore how these three words impact the trust relationship between advertiser, publisher, and consumer, and what they're doing about it. MODERATOR Jason Kint CEO , DIGITAL CONTENT NEXT David Kohl President & CEO , TRUSTX PRESENTED BY DIGITAL CONTENT NEXT (DCN) 12:45-1:25 PM BING STAGE VR Filmmaker Spotlight For brands, VR offers an amazing new opportunity, as audiences are transported and become part of the experience. Hear how 30 Ninjas has elevated storytelling in VR through cutting edge innovation and artistry, and discover why immersive storytelling is the holy grail for brands. MODERATOR Julie Kantrowitz Co-Founder , ALL GOOD PARTNERS Lewis Smithingham Pres. VR, 30 NINJAS Julina Tatlock Founder & CEO.30 NINJAS PRESENTED BY ALL GOOD PARTNERS 1:15-1:55 PM SHUTTERSTOCK STAGE New Tech, NewX: Designing Tomorrow's User's Experiences Today What will your customers expect in 1, 5, or 10 years? And how can you begin designing the user experiences that will set your brand apart? We'll explore how media and consumer companies can envision the future and tap into the potential of Artifi cial Intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), wearables—and what's yet to come. What will become clear: The future may be unknowable, but your approach to understanding, experimenting, and optimizing tech-enabled experiences shouldn't be. David Clarke Global Chief Experience Offi cer & Experience Consulting Leader , PWC Anna Fieler CMO, POPSUGAR David Shing Digital Prophet, OATH PRESENTED BY PWC 1:30-2:10 PM BING STAGE Alexa, What's My Voice Strategy? From VR goggles to voice-based assistants, consumers today are faced with an increasing set of ways to experience content and interact with brands. But how many of those mediums will actually matter in the near term? This panel will explore how brands are experimenting with emerging forms of media, and the potential for these new technologies to become staples in consumers' evolving media diet. Steve Kovach Senior Tech Correspondent, BUSINESS INSIDER PRESENTED BY BUSINESS INSIDER 12:45-1:25 PM 12:45-1:25 PM 1:15-1:55 PM 1:30-2:10 PM E V E N T S 1 4 4

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