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4 BRAND & CONTENT the time to understand your organiza- tion. "Before Event Eleven, in Los Angeles, goes into any creative development for a client, they require a brand vision from their creative team," Scott said. "They go through the brand bible, look at advertising and packaging, and visit stores." That way, they can really understand the company's positioning, audience, and product. Then the production team can brainstorm activations that delight the company's target market, while also reinforcing the organization's brand values. For example, Event Eleven partnered with the Rolex Interior Design team to build the Rolex Greenroom for the Academy Awards. To bring the project to life, they used decor inspired by the watch, such as a translucent green bar reminiscent of the green Rolex boxes and a Venetian glass chandelier inspired by the fl uted bezel of the watch. Another example of brand DNA perfectly matching an experience is S.Pellegrino's recent Taste Guide tour. The company moni- tored which food trends were most popular in New York and L.A., then hired celebrity chefs to prepare a menu based off the data. On day one of the event, 50 VIPs and friends of the brand went through a garden maze, then found themselves at a beauti- ful sit-down dinner. On day two, members of the public could interact with the chefs, sample the food, and score free bottles of S.Pellegrino. The event got lots of traction in the foodie section of Instagram, which, of course, is exactly what the brand was after. Think Niche So what does the future of experien- tial marketing look like? Scott thinks it's branded pop-ups that tap into specifi c communities. For example, Athleta offers a variety of free workouts in multiple in-store studios throughout New York. Sweetgreen provides free salad to meditation groups and activist organizations. By supplying a service that matches their product line and gives niche segments of customers something they already want, brands have the opportunity to truly outshine their competition. To be sure, it's not easy to pull off the ultimate branded experience. But if you use your audience as your muse, stay true to your brand DNA, and add in a healthy dose of creativity, your live event will be on the right track from the start. • 218 BRAND ED

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