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1 Take the time to build relationships One of the most potent ways to deal with people, whether colleagues or clients, involves building relationships the old-school way: in person. Sync your calendars and schedule an in-person meet- ing when you begin working together. If you work remotely, meet virtually or at least speak on the phone. During ongoing conversations, polish your soft skills through some polite small talk. Getting to know workmates as people helps you become someone they enjoy collaborating with. 2 Be responsive Do your best to answer Email in a timely fashion. For your boss and clients, always reply within 24 hours. For other col- leagues, answer as soon as possible. There's really no ex- cuse for you to not acknowledge an email from people you work with relatively quickly. Use your out-of-office auto-reply if cir- cumstances prevent you from responding promptly. 3 Do your homework When you're starting to work with a new client, peruse their social media feeds and learn about their business, then leverage your weekly strat- egy call with them to understand them better. Ask about their goals, vision, and achievements, as well as their challenges and how they've tackled them in the past. See things from their perspec- tive and indicate that your mission is to partner with them to help them achieve their goals. Solving the Millennial Skills Gap By Vicki Salemi In recent years you've seen the headlines that proclaim how millennials "act entitled," "need trophies," or that they're all around difficult to manage. They make you want to scream. The fact is that millennials do approach work differently from the Baby Boomer or Gen X gen- erations. But since all three need to exist together in the workplace, it's essential to find ways to work better with people of all different ages and backgrounds. If you're a millennial, there are some simple yet effective strate- gies you can leverage that will help you connect better with clients, your boss, and your colleagues.

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