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244 TRENDING 8 Ask for feedback regularly As more and more companies eliminate formal performance reviews, it's important to schedule time on your boss' calendar on a regular basis, such as semiannually, to get feedback about your performance. When you're proactive, it's much easier to tweak priorities and boost your work output. Ask if there's anything they'd like you to do differently. Don't get defensive; hear what they have to say and leverage it to help you im- prove. Remember, it's in your boss' best interest to see you succeed. Plus, it's an opportunity for you to humbly point out accomplishments during these conversations, so your boss can keep them in mind when salary review discussions begin. Regular communication with your boss is key— don't be "out of sight, out of mind." By using these simple techniques, you'll not only set yourself apart as a stellar employee, you'll also watch your productivity and effec- tiveness skyrocket. • 10 Let your superiors benefi t from your skills as a "digital native" Become the go-to person in your group to give your more seasoned colleagues a crash course in social media or other technology. You can also be the one to step up during the departmental meeting in the conference room to ensure the video stream is working properly and an online IM discussion is es- tablished for remote workers. 9 Leverage generational differences Do you report to a Baby Boomer who's never used Snapchat (gulp!)? You can learn from them. Ask if you can shadow meetings you wouldn't normally attend and observe their leadership styles. Watch how they interact, make small talk, and motivate their teams, and discover how they solve prob- lems. Observe older generations run the meeting with an agenda and summarize thoughts to main- tain the momentum.

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