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298 PERSPECTIVE information, social communication and messaging into nearly every aspect of people's lives. In this exponentially ever-fracturing world it is still true that the aligned 'trinity' on Content, Context and Contact is essential for success. Simple in sentiment but darn difficult to consistently achieve. AW: Is it possible to predict what the next big disruptor will be? PW: Okay, predictably I should say A.I. and/or supplemented by data science and analytics but I won't. I truly believe in the inventive and adaptive nature of the human species and thus the next big disruptor will be an idea that tran- scends but quite possibly will leverage the machine! The "magical" will always trump the "logical"—although a good healthy inter-relationship between the two is essential. A few people and their ideas floating my boat at the moment: Michael Karnjanaprakorn—Skillshare, which is reinventing how we all can both teach and learn any new skill. A power packed network and online marketplace. Todd Yellin—Netflix, which, in short order, disrupted the cozy flow of enter- tainment content. What, how and when? Marc Newson—Apple design and beyond, proving that great design, form and function go hand in hand. They all show how we can be comfort- able being uncomfortable—thank each and every one of them for taking us out of our comfort zones! You've previously spoken at Advertising Week about the importance of "making yourself uncomfortable" and what that means for business today. How can/do businesses step outside of their comfort zone? PW: Not so much being uncomfortable but more an acknowledgement that everything around us is in flux and that is now the norm. In this new normal it is imperative for us to reinvent work and business modes. Re-imagine, Re-create, Re-engineer. Great lead- ership and empowered teams and collaborations. Unquestionably the most exciting time I have ever known to be a participant and protagonist in our industry today. While there are certainly benefits that come with the rapid pace of change happening within the creative industries, what are some of the risks? What risks do businesses face with the speed at which the industry is changing and innovating? PW: For the old creative industries, be careful to be complacent and or in denial. How do they introduce the new in a way that is urgent, disruptive over the medium and longer term yet manage that change at scale and meet short term goals? A complex juggling act! As creative industries, how do we all retain that differentiation of the 'magi- cal' while embracing the 'logical'? How do we embrace more scientists and an engineering mindset into often belief and faith driven businesses? •

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