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Advertising Week: What's the most excit- ing aspect of working in the digital space? Jonathan Perelman: The pace with which it all changes! Blink and something is new, something has pivoted and something is gone. The fun is that we are still in the nascent stages of this business so there are very few established methods, and a lot of room for creativity. I bet future gen- erations children study this time and the development of the digital business. AW: It feels like we're living in the age of content creators. What are some aspects that set some creatives apart from the others in today's crowded digital space? JP: We're definitely in the age of the con- tent creator, but I think content creators have always been the key element in en- tertainment. Without them, we don't have anything. To stand out from the crowd today is incredibly hard, but ensuring that you are connecting with the audience is most important. You must connect on an emotional level that is authentic, that was true fifty years ago and is still true today. AW: What are some ways digital video and digital content have evolved in the last few years? JP: I think the numbers speak for them- selves. American adults are spending over 3 hours a day on mobile, and more and more of that time is watching video. With more SVOD services and platforms, there's an endless supply of content that we can't seem to get enough of! AW: What sort of forward thinking must agencies and content creators establish to really be successful in the digital space? JP: It's not a new idea, but create, test, iterate…and then do it all again. There is no magic bullet, no simple or easy answer. AW: What's the secret to authenticity in the digital realm? Why is that so crucial when it comes to digital content? JP: The intimacy of our phones means that we must treat the content differently than we do with traditional television or film. The content must speak to who we are, and we should see ourselves reflected in the content. We have an expectation that the content will be real as the viewing experience is. We are closer to our phone than almost anything, so the content must reflect that. AW: What's next on the horizon for digital content? What are some trends in digital and content creation from 2017 that you hope to see more of in the future? JP: There will be more and more of it. Everyone is getting into the game and we're going to see everyone creating content. I think soon we're going to stop calling it digital and it will start being content. We will not build artificial barri- ers around what type of content belongs on what type of platform. I am interested in seeing more of content lead to com- merce. That is the intersection that I find interesting. AW: You've famously said that "content is king, but distribution is queen." Can you elaborate? JP: This will live with me forever! As we've talked about, there is so much content out there. It's no longer enough to create something good, that's a prerequisite. We must also think about where it will be distributed and how it will share across the web. • The intimacy of our phones means that we must treat the content differently than we do with traditional television or film. The content must speak to who we are, and we should see ourselves reflected in the content. Video has quickly become one of the most prominent and powerful platforms for the advertising in- dustry, with its ability to uniquely tell stories, engage consumers, reach new audiences and adapt to a variety of mediums that give advertisers and marketers a surplus of opportunity to make their messages heard. But video today is vastly different than it was even just ten years ago. Video has made its way from our television screens and onto our smartphones, computers, tab- lets, social media platforms and more. With an endless supply of digital video, what does it take to cut through the clutter? Jonathan Perelman, head of digital ventures at ICM Partners, knows a thing or two about the digital space and offers us some insight into the unique power of content creators and thriving in the digital space. 304 PERSPECTIVE

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