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10:30-11:10 AM SHUTTERSTOCK STAGE The Art Of Activating Millennials What do you stand for? Why is it important? How can you get others involved? These are the simple questions that brands should ask to inspire impactful positive changes. Articulating the answers through powerful, emotive storytelling can help shape a cultural narrative that inspires others to join in. Lead the charge with clarity and purpose and be on the side of what's right. Enable millennials and Gen Z to use their ingenuity and connectivity to become part of the solution and you have a winning formula. How do you do that? We'll ask our panelists how to speak the language of change. MODERATOR Lydia Belanger Assoc. Editor , ENTREPRENEUR.COM Aria Finger CEO , DOSOMETHING.ORG Tamika Mallory Civil Rights Activist, Co-Founder , WOMEN'S MARCH Chandra Stevens Global Dir., Digital Solutions , MICROSOFT Liz Wessel Co-Founder & CEO , WAYUP 10:30-11:10 AM BING STAGE When Women Lead Microsoft sits down with Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient and Creator of The Girls' Lounge, to talk about female leadership and impact in today's media and tech landscape. Shelley Zalis CEO , THE FEMALE QUOTIENT Creator THE GIRLS LOUNGE PRESENTED BY BING 10:45-11:25 AM WORKSHOP STAGE Retake Control Of Your Mobile Strategy Are you really willing to let the social media giants dictate your terms of business? While social media is vital for reaching huge audiences, the platform owners will always dictate the terms of business and leave you fi ghting for attention amid a sea of other brands. Find out how you can take back control and create your own branded platform for engaging with your consumers directly on a daily basis and tap into that habitual behavior that mobile does so well. Jonny Kaldor Founder , PUGPIG PRESENTED BY PUGPIG 10:30-11:10 AM 10:30-11:10 AM 10:45-11:25 AM 10:15-10:55 AM THOMSON REUTERS Will Data & Digital Resurrect TV? People are always asking the question: "Is TV dead?" A better question might be: "Will data and digital resurrect TV?". In this panel, Cambridge Analytica's Global Head of Digital alongside Dr. Mehmet Oz and leaders from the networks and advertisers discuss how a data- driven digital TV marketplace is emerging and whether or not it will be enough to reverse the fl ow of dollars out of TV. Dr. Mehmet Oz Molly Schweickert Global Head Digital , CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA Zvi Cole Director, Integrated Media US , BEIERSDORF PRESENTED BY CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA 10:30-11:10 AM TARGET MEDIA NETWORK STAGE Daily Debate: Will Rewards Of AI Outweigh The Risks? As AI continues to progress, both the tech capabilities and the human fears are on the rise. While AI is expected to create 15 million new jobs over the next 10 years, experts also anticipate 25 million jobs will be replaced by automation in that time period. Beyond affecting the labor force, AI stands to alter our society through changes in transportation with the likes of automated cars, advancements in the military with drone developments, and a redesign in healthcare with automated diagnostic and treatment capabilities. Get immersed in a thoughtful debate on the risks and rewards of the technology set to transform our lives, and our brands, for better or worse. Patrick Albano CRO , ADTHEORENT Jordan Bitterman CMO , IBM WATSON CONTENT & IOT PLATFORM PRESENTED BY BUSINESS INSIDER 10:30-11:10 AM 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE Leadership & The Agency Of The Future Much is said about the "Agency of the Future," but what will be required of the people leading that change? Explore what clients will need from their agencies moving forward and, conversely, how agencies need to be leading their clients and their own organizations. We'll hear from the C-suite at those agencies leading change for their clients, as well as, marketer CMOs on what kinds of agency models, skill sets, and experience they'll need. Allison Sabol Global Talent Director , ANOMALY PRESENTED BY 4A'S 10:15-10:55 AM 10:30-11:10 AM 10:30-11:10 AM E V E N T S 6 4 Creative leaders share their favorite work, the work they envy, and the work they'll be doing in 2022. 10:30AM • 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE C R E AT I V E S H O R T S

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