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11:15-12:00 PM PLAYSTATION EAST Video: Connecting People, Reshaping Marketing Since its inception, video has connected conversations and communities—but the way people are consuming it is fundamentally changing. Today, video represents about 50% of all mobile data, and it's expected to reach 75% in the next fi ve years. As marketers, we must evolve to capitalize on this shifting consumer behavior. Join Carolyn Everson, Vice President, Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook for a discussion on the complexity and opportunity of building engaging video content that's tailored for the mobile viewer. Carolyn Everson VP, Global Marketing Solutions , FACEBOOK PRESENTED BY FACEBOOK 11:15-11:55 AM TARGET MEDIA NETWORK STAGE Machines Are Getting More & More Creative: What Will That Mean For The Advertising Industry? While it's true that machines don't feel, they can already draw simple original pictures, compose music, and write copy with correct grammar and punctuation. AI understands the algorithm and rules of evoking emotions through messaging, but not the feelings. At the moment, Artifi cial Intelligence only has the equivalent of a couple of hundred brain neurons as compared to the 100-billion of our brains. We can teach it a lot of things, but conception, ideation, and context is all a vital human skill. Though it doesn't seem that machines will be taking away creative marketing jobs anytime too soon, how can you utilize Artifi cial Intelligence to help develop the best campaigns? Where does AI come in when you're personalizing advertising content? Ann Rubin VP, Branded Content & Global Creative , IBM Evan Simeone SVP, Product Management , PUBMATIC Ophir Tanz CEO , GUMGUM Randy Wootton CEO , ROCKET FUEL 11:15-12:00 PM 11:15-11:55 AM 11:00-1:15 PM THOMSON REUTERS Cannabis Crossover: The World's Largest Untapped Consumer By 2025, Cannabis is set to be a $50B+ industry. With mainstream consumers eclipsing stoner stereotypes, brand marketers now have opportunities to access these audiences through digital and physical channels. Hear from leaders in cannabis marketing and media on the mainstreaming of cannabis and the consumer cross-over, profi le, and brand-safe methods to access them. 11:00 AM FROM STONER TO MAINSTREAM MODERATOR Drake Sutton-Shearer Co-Founder , PRØHBTD MEDIA David Bell Professor of Mktg. , WHARTON BUSINESS SCHOOL Eric Eslao CEO , DÉFONCÉ CHOCOLATIER Chrystal Ortiz Operations Manager , TRUE HUMBOLDT Cy Scott CEO , HEADSET 11:35 AM AWNEWYORK + PRØHIBTD PREMIERE P review the cannabis brand building docu-series. 11:45 AM THE PRØHBTD CONVERSATION A fi reside chat with Benji & Joel Madden of Good Charlotte on cannabis in culture. MODERATOR Drake Sutton-Shearer Co-Founder , PRØHBTD MEDIA Joel and Benji Madden 12:15 PM CANNABIS 101: THE ABC'S OF THE NEXT TRILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS This lively discussion will cover subjects from the 6000-year history of cannabis as medicine and recreational drug to today's understanding of the many uses of the plant ranging from industrial hemp as miracle fi ber to Cannabidiol being used to treat seizures and epilepsy. Come & learn the ABC's of marijuana. MODERATOR Jessica Seinfeld Author , GOOD+ FOUNDATION Jason Adler Founder , GOTHAM GREEN PARTNERS Josh Otten Co-Founder , PRØHBTD MEDIA Kate Denton CMO , MEDMEN Pamela Hadfi eld Co-Founder , HELLOMD Robert Rosenheck Founder , LORD JONES PRESENTED BY PRØHIBTD 11:00-1:15 PM M O N D A Y 6 5

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