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11:30-12:10 PM WORKSHOP STAGE Raise Your Identity IQ: Taking The Mystery Out Of Cross-Device Match Rates, Precision & Scale When knowing your customer is key, there's nothing more unsettling than not knowing whether the user you're targeting is, in fact, the user you're targeting. Offl ine-to-online match rates, cross-device identity precision, and scale are key metrics that marketers, agencies, and publishers depend on to create effective people-centric marketing and media experiences. Yet these key metrics are at best, produced by a mix of heavy computing power, reasonably good science, and a healthy dose of statistical artwork. Jason Ellman Senior Director , EXPERIAN Chad Englegau VP, Head of Global Identity Services , ACXIOM Ajit Thupil GTM Business Lead , ORACLE DATA CLOUD PRESENTED BY DIRECT MARKETING ASSOCIATION (DMA) 11:30-12:10 PM NEWGEN STAGE NextGen: Conversations With Series Join us for a special AW edition of the AD Club's very popular "Conversation With" Series where we provide direct access and one-on-one conversations with top industry executives who are changing the way we do business. Leading these conversations, our very own infl uential Young Professionals dive into hot topics and turn the tables and the executive will get a chance to ask what makes millennials tick today. Keenan Beaseley Co-Founder & Managing Partner , BLKBOX Emily Goldman Account Executive , INTEGRAL AD SCIENCE Dionna McPhatter Co-Founder & Managing Partner , BLKBOX PRESENTED BY THE ADVERTISING CLUB OF NY 12:00-12:40 PM TARGET MEDIA NETWORK STAGE Transforming Marketing For The Digital Age Digital transformation is part of every industry and company, opening new opportunities for marketers to better understand and connect with consumers. Microsoft's Advertising CVP, Rik van der Kooi, will share how Data and AI will play a central role in advertising's evolution and how Microsoft reimagines engagement and marketer insights. Rik van der Kooi Corp. VP, Microsoft Advertising Sales , MICROSOFT PRESENTED BY BING 11:30-12:10 PM 11:30-12:10 PM 12:00-12:40 PM 11:15-11:55 AM SHUTTERSTOCK STAGE Think Millennial Fans, brands, celebrities, and content creators once existed as distinct elements of culture. Now, these once separate groups are behaving like one another. What impact does this new dynamic have on the millennial experience? We will dive deep into millennial behavior in this shifting landscape: How they communicate. How they perceive fame. How they build trust. Explore how marketers can learn to successfully think like a millennial. Lydia Daly SVP, Social Media & Branded Content Strategy , VIACOM PRESENTED BY VIACOM 11:15-11:55 AM 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE The Resistance Will Be Advertised More and more, consumers want brands to refl ect their values and beliefs, rewarding those that do and ignoring those that don't. This has radically changed the way brands behave. Instead of shying away from the progressive social issues of the day, brands large and small are trying to connect to the consumer through these issues, going as far as attaching themselves to the language and imagery of the resistance. But risks abound. How can they join a movement in an authentic way? How do they avoid looking opportunistic or worse, tone deaf? Afdhel Aziz Founder & Chief Purpose Offi cer , CONSPIRACY OF LOVE Jason Harris President/CEO , MEKANISM Carri Twigg Strategist, Communicator, Futurist Dena Wimette Sr. Global Innovation & Comms Mgr. , BEN & JERRY'S PRESENTED BY MEKANISM 11:15-11:55 AM BING STAGE View From The Top The modern defi nition of leadership continues to evolve in today's industry landscape. Now, the best leaders are those who look at the big picture, those who balance monetization with vision and purpose, and those who work to win over the heads, hearts and minds of their workforce. The most beloved companies inspire employees to come aboard to be a part of something greater than the bottom line, and this sustainable leadership style pays a myriad of dividends. Hear insights from the top and steps that you can take to helm your company to success. MODERATOR Betty Liu Host , RADIATE Chris MacDonald CEO , MCCANN Scott Howe CEO , ACXIOM Seth Rogin CEO , NUCLEUS Peter Schube COO , ILLUMINATION ENTERTAINMENT 11:15-11:55 AM 11:15-11:55 AM 11:15-11:55 AM E V E N T S 6 8 Creative leaders share their favorite work, the work they envy, and the work they'll be doing in 2022. 11:55AM • 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE C R E AT I V E S H O R T S

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