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G L O B A L C E O , S T I L LW E L L PA R T N E R S Matt Scheckner A W O R D F R O M Global CEO AW NEW YORK 6 It is an ongoing privilege for us to assemble and connect the world's best and brightest in America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Asia- Pacifi c to help us all navigate forward. So welcome to Advertising Week. Once again, the daytime thought leadership agenda is rich, varied and unexpected. By night, we are thrilled to kick-off The Week at the Showplace of the Nation, Radio City Music Hall, and to once again celebrate the power of creativity to do good with D&AD Impact. AW360, a deep and purposeful year-round thought leadership platform, is also up and running. . . Visit it on the web or download the app, it is best in class. Our Stillwell Partners team has worked tirelessly to deliver a phenomenal Advertising Week in our hometown and Lance and I are so proud of each and every member of the Stillwell Family. And we're exceedingly grateful to our families at home — Ila, Stacy, Benny, Eliza, Harper, Lucas and Chase — for putting up with the late nights and long fl ights. We couldn't do this without you all. On to Mexico City, November 13-16, and more to follow in 2018. I N WAY S A N D C O N T E X T S that are unimaginable, the defi nition of "truth" has been challenged as never before. Gridlock and malevolence have replaced compromise and collegiality. The bedrock of our nation has been shaken as both the Civil War and World War II have leapt off elementary school textbooks onto the streets. And the 24-hour news cycle blends elements of Morey Amsterdam's 1970s game show Can You Top This with the now defunct Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The path forward — which goes neither right nor left — is built on hope, optimism and the currency of ideas. Moreover, the quest for betterment, inspiration, relentless curiosity and the search for what's just around the corner is what unifi es us all. This is hardly a new digital age phenomenon. Rather, these ideals are rooted in the words, spirit and vision of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Hamilton. It was the very idea of America that led more than 12 million immigrants — including my grandfather, Ben Guralsky — to Ellis Island and a nation which has always been and will always be the land of opportunity. As we have traveled the globe staging Advertising Week in London, Tokyo, and preparing for our premiere in Mexico City in November (with Sydney to follow), we have learned the currency of ideas is without borders. Challenges like transparency, leveraging technology and innovation, spanning from Africa to China to Silicon Valley, are also without boundaries. " G E T Y O U R FA CT S F I R S T , T H E N Y O U C A N D I S TO R T T H E M A S Y O U P L E A S E . " M A R K T WA I N

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