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11:30-12:10 PM WORKSHOP STAGE Raise Your Attribution IQ: Demystifying The Multiple Attri- butes Of Attribution Advertisers waste millions on multichannel marketing execution that doesn't work. As cross- device media consumption evolves, linking spend to performance gets even more complicated. While spending continues to rise, marketers and their agencies are challenged to activate insights that generate measurable results. More and more, the word of the day is "attribution." Gayatri Bhalla VP of Advanced Media Solutions , INFOGROUP Ash Dhupar Chief Analytics Offi cer , PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE Robert Edelman Manager, Analytics and Data , IBM PRESENTED BY DIRECT MARKETING ASSOCIATION (DMA) 12:00-12:40 PM TARGET MEDIA NETWORK STAGE Wired CMOs With consumer behavior, brand loyalty and evolving technologies forever in fl ux, the role of today's CMO is to remain prepared for change. With the responsibility to facilitate growth, and remain current in marketing strategies and communication technologies, the CMO must always remain geared up and ready to tackle the many challenges that accompany a constantly changing industry fearlessly and head-on. Leading edge CMOs will share their insights from the front lines. Pamela Drucker CMO , CONDÉ NAST David Fischer VP Business & Marketing Partnerships , FACEBOOK Dan Levi CMO , CLEAR CHANNEL 12:00-12:40 PM SHUTTERSTOCK STAGE Brave Storytelling: Managing Trust And Truth At a time when social media has empowered everyone to be a storyteller and even the most trusted brands in media are being branded "fake news," brand integrity is being challenged by a consumer population that's more vocal, with more individual opinions and unexpected fi lters than ever in our history. In this session, our panelists discuss and debate what happens when high profi les stories and storytellers face opposition, and how brands can create and maintain trust and credibility with today's discerning audiences. By sharing insights and personal experiences, our panel will provide tips and guidance for marketers on the front lines, responsible for protecting their brands. PRESENTED BY A+E NETWORKS 11:30-12:10 PM 12:00-12:40 PM 12:00-12:40 PM 11:15-11:55 AM SHUTTERSTOCK STAGE Better Capitalism = Better Business = Better Stories Henry Blodget, CEO and Global Editor In Chief of Business Insider leads a conversation with infl uential executives whose companies have embraced the notion that "good" business is better business. These companies believe that the key to future economic growth lies in expanding value for employees, customers and society at large, and have shaped their corporate narratives around these stories. This panel will explore the risks, challenges and benefi ts that businesses face in promoting a better form of capitalism. Henry Blodget Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief , BUSINESS INSIDER PRESENTED BY BUSINESS INSIDER 11:15-11:55 AM NASDAQ MARKETSITE The Digital Ecosystem Of Retail Seemingly everything we do today is online or digital — so what makes shopping any different? Traditional retailers must now set their sights on innovative methods to reach consumers and respond to their needs in a way that sets them ahead of the curve. But if 95% of all retail sales are captured with a brick and mortar presence, how can online-only retailers stay up to speed with their retargeting efforts? What other challenges must retailers face as this new wave of retail innovation makes its way into the industry? Leaders across the digital retail ecosystem discuss. MODERATOR Frank Weil Chief Customer Offi cer KWI Bridget Davies VP & GM, eBay Advertising , EBAY Kristo Ovaska Founder & CEO , SMARTLY.IO 11:30-12:10 PM NEWGEN STAGE NextGen: Conversations With Series Join us for a special AW edition of the AD Club's very popular "Conversation With" Series where we provide direct access and one-on-one conversations with top industry executives who are changing the way we do business. Leading these conversations, our very own infl uential Young Professionals dive into hot topics and turn the tables and the executive will get a chance to ask what makes millennials tick today. Dan Sorine Account Supervisor , HAVAS LIFE METRO PRESENTED BY THE ADVERTISING CLUB OF NY 11:15-11:55 AM 11:15-11:55 AM 11:30-12:10 PM E V E N T S 9 2 Creative leaders share their favorite work, the work they envy, and the work they'll be doing in 2022. 11:55AM • 4A'S CENTENNIAL STAGE C R E AT I V E S H O R T S

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