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Please check off the extranet areas in which you work (multiple responses allowed): LOOKING AHEAD Many comments were included on how firms/ organizations are considering SharePoint technology for future projects. Some commented on workflow solutions. Others remarked how much blogs and wikis were making Web 2.0 more mainstream and integrated with the firm. A few expressed some frustration on not having access to the tool. Here are selected highlights: General: • For case management, SharePoint is a good platform. • We're looking to implement more internal workflow solutions to improve processes, specifically for admins (new employees, technology requests, videoconference requests, etc.). • We are close to deploying FAST for Enterprise Search. We use K2 Blackpearl for custom workflows. We are constantly seeking new ways to leverage SharePoint RESPONDENT HIGHLIGHTS: Intranets • Lists/Libraries and Page Editing: 50% are the Owner/Designer; 25% the Reader • Publishing Sites: 30% are the Owner/Designer • Teamsites: 30% • Customer Solutions: 15% • Committee Member: 15% • Complete Ownership of Farm: 10% Extranets • Lists/Libraries: 20% • Page Editing 15% • Publishing Sites: 15% Owner/Designer • Teamsites: 14% • Customer Solutions: 8% • Committee Member: 10% • Complete Ownership of Farm: 8% Public Websites • 10% currently use SharePoint • 8% are considering using SharePoint 26 AALL/ILTA White Paper as a tool. Web 2.0: • We have installed SharePoint 2010 and are experimenting with blogs and wikis to see how we would like to utilize the technology. We plan to make this a full project for 2013. • We are developing practice group pages, pushing CI content out to attorneys and turning My Page into a "Communities" page. Cons: • IT tightly controls access to SharePoint and does not allow other departments to make their own changes. They do make changes we request. • We use SharePoint on a limited basis for client extranets, but KM/library is not involved. • As the director of library services, I have little to do with SharePoint. I am simply a user/reader.

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