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DIVERSE OPPORTUNITIES by Liana Juliano of Nossaman LLP The first thing people say when I tell them I am a librarian is "Do you shush people?" or "You must really like to read." The truth is I probably did shush a few people when I worked as a public librarian, and I do like to read, but that is not why I decided to become a librarian. I did so because of the diverse opportunities it provides. AN EXTENSIVE EDUCATION My path to becoming a librarian was a little out of the ordinary and one I always like to share. Many people don't know that a master's degree is required to work as a professional librarian in most organizations. As an undergraduate, I learned that an advanced degree was needed to be a librarian and, although the job seemed like one I would enjoy, I couldn't get past the fact I would need to stay in school a few more years. After many years of making a living as a professional athlete, I was approached by a law librarian to work as a library assistant. Partially out of curiosity and partially to get experience interviewing, I went to meet her. I was surprised to learn how many different types of librarian jobs are out there. There are medical librarians, corporate librarians, government librarians and so on. This intrigued me, and I applied to the San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science in 2002. Some librarians excel at research or reference, some excel at systems and technology, and some excel at making order out of chaos. I discovered an affinity for organizing information for the online environment and focused my course work on information architecture (IA). Liana Juliano is the Information Manager at Nossaman LLP, where she is responsible for the intranet, InterAction and the firm libraries. She is active in professional library organizations and seizes every opportunity to promote librarianship as a career. In 2010, Liana was named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker from an award program that recognizes librarians across the continent who are "shaping the future of libraries." She can be contacted at IA PUT TO GOOD USE In 2007, the library director of Nossaman LLP contacted me to see if I would be interested in the newly created position of technical electronic services librarian. This is a fairly traditional role that focuses on print and online acquisitions. The person in this position would handle the distribution and organization of library materials, including purchasing, cataloging and indexing items. The "electronic services" side of the role would focus on the online delivery, licensing and organization of information and the training of online library resources. 48 AALL/ILTA White Paper

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