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XXXX of the basics and a few tips to take them beyond novice- level interactions with the device. Power users were eager to embrace the technology, but didn't necessarily have the time to keep up with new developments and track the iPad's trajectory in the legal workplace. This scenario presented an opportunity for the library to complement IT's technology support of the iPad deployment. Perfectly Suited To Ease the Transition Law librarians have years of experience helping lawyers interact with information. We train, explain and do the background research to present information resources — whether print or electronic — to attorneys so they can hit the ground running. Apple devices are justifiably famous for their intuitive interfaces, but just a little extra education can transform an iPad into a sophisticated work tool. Initial conversations focused on the need to present attorneys with resources to make their new iPads useful right out of the box. It was clear they needed options for learning about iPad basics and recommendations for apps that might be useful to them in their work. Also important was the need for continuing education; as users became comfortable with their new devices, at least some of them would want to continue expanding the iPad's role in their work life. In the end, there were two components to the library's educational approach. The first was an "Apps for Lawyers" guide which was available when attorneys picked up their iPads and was also posted on our intranet. AALL/ILTA White Paper 61

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