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Cataloging by Candice Fong of to Online Manual Royal Bank of Canada Candice Fong is the Manager of Legal Information & Knowledge Resources for the RBC Law Group at Royal Bank of Canada in Toronto, where she oversees the law library and supports knowledge management initiatives. Candice can be contacted at When I first joined Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) about two years ago, resource circulation in the law group was still on the card system, and there was very little automation of any kind. Because the Dewey Decimal system was used, we had so many books in particular number ranges that it was common to have at least six digits after the decimal point! I sought to change things to benefit the administration of our collection and to improve access for our users. The driving forces behind my decision to transition to an online catalog and to reclassify our resources were to improve transparency and efficiency. 86 AALL/ILTA White Paper From

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