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62 • October 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL Avoiding Copyright Issues Creating original images will guarantee that you're in the clear Since 1985, Matt Charboneau has owned and operated Charboneau Design and Consulting in Davenport, Iowa. He is a con- sultant and designer for monument, chan- nel letter and pylon sign projects. His book, "The Pre-Sale Sign Survey Field Guide -- The how-to guide on sign surveys for the profes- sional sign salesperson" can be ordered on his website: or by emailing him at Matt@ B Y M A T T C H A R B O N E A U Designing Award-Winning Signs The time arrives for the afternoon appointment; the door opens with a "ding" as they walk into your shop. The husband is carrying a cup of coffee in one hand with a large piece of black foam board tucked under his arm. They both take a seat at the table, and as he sets the board down beside his chair you catch a glimpse of a piece of paper taped over the top of a very colorful shape. Like a couple of school kids excited about their science fair project, they are itching to show you their coffee shops' new logo. They start off by telling you their story and how their old logo never captured the look or feel they wanted for the shop. They explain that one night they were thinking about other coffee shops they had seen and decided it was time to update their logo. So, because the wife is quite fluent in Photoshop she played with some ideas and came up with a design they love. The husband reaches down beside him and brings up the black foam board and sets it on the table, facing you. He reaches over, lifts the cover sheet and ta-da… there it is: the new coffee shop logo that they love so much. You suddenly realize that you are pleasantly surprised by this logo; it's well composed and quite buildable as a channel letter sign. The Internet Logo Trap The phone rings, and because you are always the first one in the office, every day, you grab it. It's the owners of the coffee shop down the street. Once you've exchanged niceties, they explain that they have a new logo and want to talk with you about a new channel letter sign for the front of their building. You are enthusiastic about the opportunity for a new sale, but apprehensive about the mention of a new logo. You've been in the sign business for a long time, and you've seen just about every "impossible to build" logo you could imagine, so you are apprehensive of what you will see, but optimistic that somehow, someway you'll figure out a way to make it happen.

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