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64 • October 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S not your original design, especially to be the face of their business. Even though you only have a little familiarity with copyrights, you know that there is a simple rule that you can safely recommend to this couple: if you made it from scratch yourself, and did not merely re-draw preexisting ideas you saw elsewhere, you have done what you can to avoid copyright infringement (but as we all know, someone might still find a reason to sue). Johnson recommends a rule of thumb to follow when it comes to creating a logo for your business: create a unique image from scratch. If hiring a designer, have a written agreement where the artist represents and warrants that it's an origi- nal and that you own it. He also says that if you're going to use an image you have found, you need to be sure you can verify the owner of the copyright and purchase a license or assignment from them before adopting it. Johnson added that this goes for everything and anything found on the internet, and that most people don't understand that ownership and copy- right of an original image is automati- cally given to the person who created it, without the need for paperwork, filings or legalities. That being said, considering the thousands of images available online, it's easy to see just how difficult it can be to create a truly original design, but the results are worth the efforts. As Johnson advises to his clients, from a foundational basic business perspective, basing your branding on the image of someone else makes your brand subject to the impres- sion that company has—and impressions change, so it's best to control your own image and make your brand an original. Why would you want to be seen as a knock off? How Does One Use Images From the Internet? Inspiration only. That's exactly what you use the internet images for, inspira- tion. It's not about copying the way the fonts interlock or what the mountain graphic looks like, or even the layout of those visuals. In researching the Web for ideas, you are paying close attention to the visual emotional triggers that make some logos inspirational and others not at all. Professional designers know how to create the right feeling through the use of flow, shape and the arrangement of original images and designs. Working with someone who under- stands how copyright law affects all aspects of logo design and the conse- quences of using a copied image for signage is probably the most important reason for your customers to use a pro- fessional in the sign business. It is also why it is important to consult with legal counsel. Knowing the trigger and what to look for is key in the sign industry. How Do You Help Customers Who Run into Legal Issues? Contact a copyright and trademark attorney like Alex or the other intellec- tual property attorneys at Hamilton IP Law, PC at or 563-441-0207. SDG Copyright… it exists everywhere, with everything, in every element of our lives. Ignoring it could be costly. Sign & Digital Graphics MARKETPLACE 90 • September 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ADA SIGNAGE GET NOTICED Call today to advertise in Sign & Digital Graphics Marketplace CONTACT BY CALLING: 800-669-0424 X297 OR EMAIL: DGILBERT@NBM.COM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 7 BRAILLE BRAILLE SOFTWARE GET THE WORD OUT! 800-669-0424 x297 or email GET THE WORD OUT! Contact by calling 800-669-0424 x297 or email Marketplace ( 8 0 0 ) 6 6 9 - 0 4 2 4 BANNER FRAMES BANNERS DIGITAL PRINTING CHANNEL LETTERS 1 Day Turnaround on most orders No Minimum phone: 919-661-5801 email: website: BANNER PRINTING 8 mil Gloss Posters - $1.25 sq/ft 4 year intermediate adhesive vinyl - $2.00 sq/ft Avery Cast Vehicle Wrap Vinyl with lamination - $4.00 sq/ft 48" x 96" Full Color Printed Coroplast Sheets - $25.00 each (minimum order 10 sheets) Laminated 30 mil. magetic signs - $5.00 sq/ft 15 oz Backlit Flex Faces (Printed Both Sides) - $3.50 sq/ft Wholesale Digital Printing Now Printing 16' Wide Seamless Up to 1,000 dpi High Definition / White Ink Printing / 3M MCS Warranty 3M IJ180cV3 with 8518 Laminate as low as $3.00 sq/ft SBSEPMarketplace.indd 90 8/16/17 8:17 AM Contact Diane Gilbert at 800-669-0424 x297 A low-cost solution to gain attention for your company.

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