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68 • October 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL question to owners of sign companies who replied unanimously with, "You're right. I never ask a designer if they know drafting," with pause and silence. Tip one exercise in action. Pull up any search engine browser. Type in the word "isometric." Make sure to click the "image" button at the top of the page, below the search box. Notice, with an isometric object you can view the front view, side view, and top view, all at once. So, now, imagine a dimensional letter as if was an isometric object. First and foremost, this is a visual principal that should be introduced to your graphic designer. Each day, your sign company should have a discussion about isome- tric objects. And more so, how an iso- metric object can be substituted for a sign object, such as a channel letter, a flat cut letter, a cast metal letter or even a multi-layered ADA sign plaque. A basic study of internet searches with drafting should put your designer in the right frame of mind. Now you are laying the right foundation. Having a discussion about and viewing isometric objects is meant to help a graphic desi- gner become familiar with envi- sioning 3 D objects. This visual stimulus is a prerequisite if a gra- phic designer is going to grasp sign design. A designer must first become accustomed to designing 3D in their head. If not, a graphic design intended to be designed as a sign design will continue to be rejected because "we can't build this." And no designer wants to hear this. Tip 2: Conduct a Mandatory Tour of a Fabrication Shop After having my sign designs rejected for the umpteenth time, I decided to push away from the computer and go into the fabrication shop of my com- pany. Fortunately, I worked in a midsize custom electric sign company, so it was a signage theme park for me. My goal was to inspect how signs were Fabrication shop. (Image courtesy of Signographics 2000 Inc., Glendale, California)

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