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October '17

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • October 2017 • 21 and possibly accelerate LED module color shift and lumen depreciation over time. The choice of UV stable materials is, therefore, an important part of the devel- opment process in quality sign modules. LED Module Identification Similar models of sign modules from one manufacturer can be easy to mix up. As a result, module manufacturers include written descriptors on the face or side of the module body. These descrip- tors may include markings indicating some of the following: • Brand • Part Description • Wattage • Color Temperature • Color • Voltage • Binning Codes • Production Date Codes, Etc. Additionally, to quickly identify a monochrome colored LED module, the module itself may incorporate color marking feature such as those shown in the example photos below. Improvements to Discrete LEDs The individual discrete LEDs used inside sign modules have continued to improve as well. Some of the attributes that should be considered when engi- neers are choosing the right LED for sign modules include things such as: • Thermal Resistance • Efficacy (lumens per watt) • Color Over Angle • Color Consistency (from tighter binning) • LED Durability and Lifespan • Lumen Maintenance. As the efficacy of LEDs improve, the wattage is reduced for similar lumen packages. Decreasing the wattage can improve energy efficiency and payback. It also reduces the thermal load in the sign module which will provide a more stable performance over the lifetime. Electrical Designs LED boards, modules, or light engines are generally either a constant voltage or constant current design. Constant voltage designs require a specific input voltage to the module from its power source. Although constant voltage designs tend to be inherently less efficient, they have the advantage of only being limited to the voltage drop across a long length of multiple mod- ules in a chain and the loading of the power supply. Thus, one can run varying lengths of multi-module chains of sign modules, ideal for a sign maker cutting off ever varying module counts for dif- LED boards, modules, or light engines are generally either a constant voltage or constant current design. American RENOLIT Corporation manufactures premium calendered films for self-adhesive applications and serves customers in the sign, graphics and labeling industry. We strive to offer our customers the very highest quality using only the best raw materials and state-of-the-art calendering technology. High quality: our philosophy – your added value. Rely on it. Visit us at: Premium Calendered Films Quality that sets your products apart

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