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18 • October 2017 • G R A N D F O R M A T GRAND FORMAT She says that every type of ink has certain benefits—whether it be solvent, eco-solvent, latex or UV-cure. Automation Options Hope says for roll-based models look for flexibility in media handling. "Does the printer enable shorter rolls to be run side-by-side? Does it include features for easy loading and unloading? Also, does it include an inline LED backlit proofing panel to check print quality before the entire job is run?" "For flatbeds, the printer should include layout pins for easy registration of large boards," he adds. Garcia says that when measuring the number of prints you need to produce in a specific frame of time, measure all aspects, from loading/unloading, file manipulation at the printer control sys- tem to warm up times and scheduled maintenance times. "This will give you a better idea of the real-time output pro- duction versus only measuring printing speeds." McConnell explains that there are a number of automation options for grand-format devices. "In terms of flatbeds, there are feed- ers/loaders and stackers/off-loaders to help maximize the throughput of print- ers. It's key to fully evaluate the handling system you are considering to ensure that it's effective in reducing handling time for substrates you intend to print; unless the material handling automation can keep up with the printer and also handle the sheets of substrate a print provider is producing on, there's no benefit to the an automated handling system." She adds there are also systems that are not fully automated, so more operator interaction is needed than a fully auto- mated handling system, but will allow for greater throughput on the printer. "In terms of roll devices, some grand- format printers have bulk roll feed sys- tems that allow for rolls that are heavier or have a larger diameter than the printer specification allows; this means less operator interaction for long run jobs," McConnell concludes. SDG The HP Scitex 11000 Industrial Press is a grand-format flat- bed that offers enhanced versatility and productivity for high-volume indoor signage and displays. (Image courtesy of HP Scitex) The new Acuity LED 3200R, an LED UV roll-to-roll printer with 126 inch (3.2m) print width and produces up to 1,184 square feet per hour. (Images courtesy of Fujifilm) The Mimaki Tx500P-3200DS printer is a super-wide, complete digital fabric printing system. With print speeds of up to 1399 square feet per hour, the Tx500P-3200DS printer is said to be ideal for sample production, as well as large lot production with short deliv- ery times. (Images courtesy of Mimaki USA)

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