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28 • October 2017 • G R A N D F O R M A T GRAND FORMAT Canon also took a look at today's roll- to-roll market and how the currently available product mix is addressing it. It is well known that with today's cur- rent technologies—i.e. solvent, latex and UV—that there is a gap in the market in regards to these product offerings. Most of the products available today are 64" latex and eco-solvent systems, most suitable for relatively low print volumes. One advantage of these tech- nologies is that they have a relatively low initial investment and are easy to use. However, these also have limitations that introduce trade-offs from achieving: • High productivity without sacrific- ing quality • Media versatility & application range • Low running costs • A scalable solution Industrial Solutions Now let's look at the other end of the spectrum—the "industrial" production solutions like the high-end 10-foot- wide solvent, UV-cure and latex systems. These technologies offer high output speeds and are able to cope with indus- trial production volumes. However, these systems also require a high capital investment (> $150,000), which in many cases is beyond the reach of many small to medium-sized shops, and consequently limits the PSPs ability to grow and scale their customer offer- ing. To invest in these types of printing devices, the PSP requires consistent high production volumes, plus these systems sometimes are not well suited for short runs lengths and/or 54"-64" types of job applications. Until now there has not been a prod- uct or technology that address this void in the market. These two extremes rep- resent the gap in today's product mix, and this is why the Océ Colorado 1640 Printer was designed to fill this gap. Speed and Versatility The printer was developed to meet the needs of the market with innovative productivity and unique new automa- tion features—and offers a wide appli- cation range and a low cost of operation. According to Canon, the Océ Colorado 1640 Printer is now the fastest 64-inch roll-to-roll printer on the market. It boasts a top speed of 1,710 square feet per hour and delivers high quality, P.O.P. prints at 430 square feet per hour. The Océ Colorado 1640 Printer is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. It delivers a large color gamut similar to solvent inks, but com- bines this with the environmental ben- efits and safety profile of latex systems. The result is nearly odorless, VOC-free, durable, color-fast, high-quality prints— even on the thinnest, most heat-sensitive media. Canon's unique UVgel technology features ultra-thin ink dispersion with almost no discernible physical profile on the media surface. Prints feel uniquely smooth, and they also satisfy the high- est environmental standards for indoor usage with a virtually odorless profile. As with all roll-to-roll printers, an important factor in print quality, and subsequently application range, is the accuracy with which the printer advances the media. Built on a heavy, robust frame for class-leading rigidity and equipped with industrial components, the media handling system uses an optical feedback loop that continuously monitors media advance. Using virtually invisible printed index marks at the edges of the media, the system measures media advances in real time to automatically correct the subsequent step size as needed. Unique Ink Technology The Colorado 1640 is powered by Canon's unique new patented UV Gel ink technology. UVgel ink is essentially UV-curable ink that has been formulated so that it instantly turns to a gel upon contact with media. The results is precise dot gain and positional control, perfectly repeatable images, and instantly cured, durable prints. The low-temperature LED-UV cur- ing system moves along its own gantry, independent of the printing carriage gan-

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