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42 • October 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS When a customer shows up late, or doesn't show up at all, then it throws off our entire install schedule. We're a busy shop with minimal staff and a lot of installs. Depending on the coverage of the wrap, we may have multiple vehicles scheduled in one day and a late arrival throws off that schedule. If our schedule is not overly tight or if the customer has a good excuse then we may waive these charges. Often explain- ing the charges, and the possibility of being charged, will deter from ever hav- ing to actually charge the customer. The Signature The Customer Form is a great way to quickly work through the wrap pro- cess with the customer. It reminds us of all the information we need to gather and also allows us to explain things like vehicle warranties, washing fees and late fees in a non-threatening way. Having the information on paper, and explain- ing it concisely, leaves little room for questioning. It's simply our policy and part of working with us on their project. At the bottom of both sides of the page we have an area for the customer and inspector/sales person to sign and date. This is a professional way to make it clear to the customer that we take these things seriously and we have a clear sys- tem in place. Shop Form The second form—the shop form— is similar to the one we've been using for years. It covers the same steps in the wrap process that we've explained to the customer. These steps have just been expanded on with prompts to be checked off along the way. Again, these steps keep our shop on track and guar- antees that we don't forget to ask an important question or collect something from the customer. This form follows the wrap job from the front counter, through production and into the installation. One of the things we added to this form was date prompts during the design stages. We Wall racks and folders in a central location keep all our wrap forms accessible. We created a card to hang in the customer's vehicle that reminds them of post-wrap care tips.

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