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48 • October 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S SPECIALTY IMAGING DIGITAL GRAPHICS "Beyond that, it installs much like PPF and offers the same benefits of self- healing and extended durability that paint protection does," he adds. Scislowicz says the other major trend is a huge spike in sales for iridescent color-shift and matte metal effect wrap films, such as its Iced Titanium series. "While we have been producing color-shifting vehicle wrap material for over a decade, the demand was never as high as its been in the past year," he adds. "The matte metal effect films are seen to be a great alternative to the high costs of matte or satin chrome. The finish is per- fectly smooth and most colors can easily pass as a matte chrome." Matt Meyer, marketing and sales coordinator with Plastiprint Sales Company in Lakewood, Colorado, says an exciting new attribute for specialty films comes in changes to the product itself, one that will definitely make instal- lations an easier job. "One of the latest and more popular innovations is the air-egress-patterned, adhesive-backed media," Meyer says. "It has the air-egress dot pattern adhesive that allows air to escape through the pattern channels when applying it to surfaces so there are no bubbles at all." Meyer says ease of application is a crucial aspect to any specialty film and this is a change that will certainly make projects quick and easy, even for those who don't have extensive experience in film projects. John Phinn, Jr., head of sales with Fallsington, Penn.-based Griff Paper and Film, says his company has also added some flexibility for project size by focus- ing on new wider-format printable films, specifically geared to glass applications. (Photos courtesy of Metamark) (Photo courtesy of Metamark) This unique printable photoluminescent film from American PERMALIGHT glows in the dark, and meets nationwide building code requirements for photoluminescent, non-electrical egress path markings in hotels, office build- ings, hospitals, schools and high-rise buildings. (Images courtesy of American PERMALIGHT)

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