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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • October 2017 • 53 "Overlaminates for pressure-sensitive PVC films have traditionally been clear. There are a number of factors such as sustainability, responsible sourcing, extended durability and other perfor- mance characteristics that are driving alternative overlaminate films like ure- thanes," he says. "Although traditional PVC overlami- nates are still by far the dominant choice, the demand for specialty overlaminates has increased over the past few years. Not only has there been a shift in the materials, but also with special effects such as sparkle, colored and textured overlaminates." The big names in the business have all jumped into the overlaminate game and most have responded with a range of flashy new treatments. Janelle Pizzi, product marketer with 3 M's Commercial Solutions division, says the new Wrap Overlaminate Series 8900 product line now includes sparkle finishes, as well as 3M's already-popular brushed and car- bon fiber-look products. "We recently introduced the Décor Overlaminate 8600 Series, offering designers and graphic manufacturers five cast vinyl décor overlaminates that add texture to indoor walls as well as a pro- tective finish to crisp images," she says. That allows some aesthetically pleas- ing and creative options for installers, with looks including linen, knit, white fir and plaster, among others. Avery Dennison's most popular spe- cialty products include colored overlami- nates for Conform Chrome films—add- ing a purple laminate film to the chrome base adds a shiny, metallic purple look, while products such as Sparkle DOL 6460 also provides an extra splash of impact (plus protection) to digitally printed boat or car wrap graphics, Barnard adds. The additional punch provided by the overlaminate has been especially useful for custom car projects, such as those entered in the company's annual Wrap Like a King contest—last year's winner, an old-time street rod called Toxic Rat, featured a wrap with digitally printed designs on D O L 1460 and installed on diamond silver-colored Supreme Wrapping Film. And while shock and awe is certainly the name of the game with much of the specialty laminate product range, some manufacturers have also adapted their products with an eye to long-lasting environmental protection for wrap jobs. Pizzi says a good example is 3 M's Scotchcal Gloss Overlaminate 8528, which is specifically designed to help ward off and withstand harsh conditions such as acid dew and intense UV rays— and keep wraps looking newer, longer. "Additionally, the same overlami- nate can withstand extreme cold and heat, from 60 degrees below zero to 150 degrees Fahrenheit," she adds. One further application for overlami- nates is their use as graffiti protection for public utilities fixtures; Avery Dennison's D O L 6060 Anti-Graffiti, a urethane laminate, has been used to protect digi- tal graphics on electrical boxes used at community beautification projects across Incognito Wraps went for the two-tone effect using Avery Dennison Conform Chrome Silver and Purple Transparent Colored Overlaminate to create the main color. (Photo courtesy of Avery Dennison)

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