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54 • October 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S SPECIALTY IMAGING DIGITAL GRAPHICS the country, and offers extended durabil- ity and abrasion resistance, versus tradi- tional PVC laminates. Mactac's PermaGard S AG Anti- Graffiti and Window Protection film is another option for those purposes. Specialty laminates can also be used to recharge the life of whiteboards and menu boards for school, business or res- taurant applications. For outdoor or indoor wet area floor graphics applications, Mactac's new tex- tured vinyl PF6600 is the only overlami- nate that meets the new ANSI B101.3/ B101.1 high-traction slip-resistance stan- dard, adds Jeff Stadelman, the company's product manager. Application for almost all of these products is a snap, and they can be quickly and easily applied to films using a laminator. "There are no special tools when it comes to installing graphics," says Avery Dennison's Barnard. "Most installers use a squeegee of their choice and most are using a buffer or a soft fabric material that is designed to perform well with the film's adhesive. There are also spe- cial squeegees that feature a microfiber material that is designed to be sprayed wet, thus allowing it to glide across the film leaving no scratch marks." Warranty coverage for wraps can also be enhanced through the use of some of these specialty laminate films. In 3 M's case, Pizzi says its Series 8900 products are made in 60"-wide rolls and is backed by 3M's MCS warranty, which covers three years for vertical application and one year for horizontal application. Avery Dennison Conform Chrome films can work with special effects overlaminates as well, which is shown here in this wrap from Sticker City using Conform Chrome Blue and DOL 6040 Sparkle. (Photo courtesy of Avery Dennison) Art City Wraps of Wisconsin gave this SUV a mint makeover with Avery Dennison Conform Chrome Silver and Green Transparent Colored Overlaminate. (Photo courtesy of Avery Dennison) 3M's ClassicLinen Decor Overlaminate 8600 Series.

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