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rv-pro.com October 2017 • RV PRO • 87 play service for a modest monthly sub- scription fee. • Install a security plugin. For Wordpress users, there are a number of free security plugins, including iThemes Security (https://wordpress.org/plugins/ better-wp-security) and Bullet- proof Security (https://wordpress. org/plugins/bulletproof-security). Similar software exists for web- sites that use other types of web- site content management systems. • Get the dealership's website designer to use HTTPS Protocol. Technically speaking, HTTPS guarantees to website visitors that they're talking to the server that's hosting the website they're trying to reach. And it guarantees that no one can intercept or change con- tent coming from the website – or transactions between the website and the website visitor. The non- profit organization Let's Encrypt helps businesses reduce the cost of the conversion to HTTPS Protocol (https://letsencrypt.org/about). • Security experts advise that dealers should auto-scan all devices they are plugging into their business computer network. Experts say they should have the person over- seeing the dealership's computer systems secure those machines with software that automatically scans any device – such as a flash drive, external hard drive, etc. – for malware any time such a device is attached to the network. • Back-up frequently. Just in case the worst happens, security experts say dealers should be sure to keep everything backed-up. The rule of thumb: back-up at the dealership, back up off-site, and keep a third "cold back-up" that's not resident on the dealership's network. Essen- tially, this third back-up is discon- nected from the dealer's computer network as soon as it's made on a daily basis. • Use a monitoring service. Ser- vices such as SiteLock (www. sitelock.com) will monitor a dealer's website every day for mal- ware, viruses, suspicious code, attempted break-ins and out-of- date software. • Have a major security talk with the dealership's web designer. Knowing about the safeguards above will enable dealers to talk intelligently with their web designer about the dealership's website security. Security experts say the web designer needs to understand how important web- site security is to the business. • Institute an ongoing education program for the dealership's employees. • "Ultimately, the biggest security weakness to any system is still the user," says LotVantage's Brown. "Most users aren't educated in best practices for password pro- tection. Even users with strong passwords can't know all the scams that attackers implement. It is important to know that scams are designed to get a user to divulge sensitive information to an attacker. "These days, even giving up your mother's maiden name can lead to trouble online," Brown adds. "Any com- pany that is serious about security needs to instill good security practices in its team members."

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