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IT ALL STARTED IN 1951 WITH KELLY'S ON REVERE BEACH, o m o erve oe mo e er ro me oo e e e ro bee beome o reo oo em erve mo ree moe rer o e Nor ore eo o o ob em e eomeo o rve ere em o re e bee r or oe e o r erm be ΒΆ o me ee e o e ere o or vere mebre r or re e rme ve ro bee e o o or berre b oe e e or oe o er mo eee e oo mr or orer evoee o e orer o e e mo or e ree e mo eee mo ro bee e re vbe ree e or reb or ero ever ee BEVERLY Nick's Famous Roast Beef ESTABLISHED: In by two guys named ick; these brothers-in-law still run the family business known for its stellar sandwich consistency. INSIDER TIP: If you bring in a far-flung vacation photo, you receive a free sandwich and join the hundreds of other travelers lining the walls. ALSO KNOWN FOR: elebrity stopovers everyone from Te ant et to Scott rown to the ruins' Stanley up. ot in a roast beef mood he chicken kebab salad is the next most popular item on the menu. CUSTOMER RAVES: he combination of that pink beef, toasted onion roll, peppery sauce, and stings-the-nose horseradish sauce is 10 addictive... a GET THERE: odge St., -2-62; nisas astee. IF YOU'RE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, ALSO CHECK OUT: Mikey's Famous Roast Peef & Pizza, 250 Elliott St., 978-927-0092. DANVERS Supreme Roast Beef ESTABLISHED: In as the first roast beef shop in town. INSIDER TIP: o celebrate years in business in une 2, all menu items will reflect pricesjust cents for a roast beef sandwich and cents for fries! ALSO KNOWN FOR: Greek salads, as owner George Metaxakis makes his own dressings. He's also an active supporter of anvers High School sports teams, whose athletes count Supreme as an after-school hangout. CUS- TOMER RAVES: he roast beef is superior and melts in your mouth! tiais GET THERE: Maple St., --66. IF YOU'RE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, ALSO CHECK OUT: Jimmy's Beef & Seafood, 71 High St., 978-774-9748; jimmysbeefandsea- Londi's Famous Roast Beef, Pizza & More, 116 Water St., 978-777-0090; Prime Roast Beef, 85 Andover St., 978-767-9505; LYNN John's Roast Beef & Seafood ESTABLISHED: y ohn Makrakis in and bought by George ikolakopoulos and family in . INSIDER TIP: Following the burger trend, ohn's oers mini roast beef sliders perfect for snacking and sharing. hey're also available as the perfect party platterpart of a growing catering busi- ness. ALSO KNOWN FOR: Sleek, modern dcor that makes it a standout place in which to dine and enjoy the bued-about chicken iti. CUSTOMER RAVES: he roast beef at ohn's hits all the right notes, as it is served warm (but not too warm), is lean (but not too lean), is so tender that you could cut it with a butter knife ienstn GET THERE: Western Ave., --6; nsastee. MARBLEHEAD Village Roast Beef ESTABLISHED: years ago and maintains a prime location for pick-up. INSIDER TIP: A . fish and chips special became so popular that it's now a permanent menu item. ALSO KNOWN FOR: Ample Greek salads and heaping, fried-just-right seafood platters. CUSTOMER RAVES: he absolute best in Marblehead! verything I have ever had here is not good, but great. he best fish sandwich on the planet! ye GET THERE: essom St., -6-; iaeastee. IF YOU'RE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, ALSO CHECK OUT: Mino's Roast Beef, 27 Atlantic Ave., 781-631-7228;

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