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November '17

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A&E NOVEMBER 2017 • 15 Sales & Marketing horses. It was a show place and the clients flocked to the A+ facility. Their business was doing great selling mini estates where families had beautiful homes, and their children could have what almost every kid wants: a horse. The owner/developer started putting on schooling shows during the winter months to maintain interest in his horse operation. He started the shows in October through March, having one a month. There were other stables in the area that also had schooling shows, and a circuit during the winter months was born in our area. This was great for me because it presented a lot of business with about four stables doing a show a month during the winter months when I needed the business. But as we all know every action has a reaction. This developer was a guy who thought he deserved credit and soon I found myself delivering awards and receiving the comment, "We will send you a check." I suspect that most of us have heard those six words often. All was well for about four seasons, but then they started getting a month behind, then two months. I found myself being owed several thousand dol- lars and the winter season was coming to an end. Where was my money? I was small and these were my growing years—every dollar was needed to keep the ship afloat. This is an example of what not to do: letting the credit extend for a length of time creates a hole that is difficult to get out of. When you are unprepared for a situation and have no system, you will make poor decisions, and that is what I did. It came to the last show of the winter season. This was the big show where the Visit today for the latest news and information! Made in USA

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