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November '17

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A&E NOVEMBER 2017 • 19 I don't want the proof to be the time when my customers express their desires and requests, or to begin the thinking pro- cess. Getting to know your client goes a long way when time is short. FOUR BASIC DESIGN RULES Here are some design basics to guide you. Good design is not intuitive for most of us. However, when we see a good design, we know it. Let's look at the four basic rules. 1. Proximity – Information and graphics that are related are placed near each other. They are grouped. Proximity creates a relationship. Unrelated items or those that are not the focus are moved fur- ther apart and often on the lower half of the product. For example, the organization, title of the award, and recipient are typically related. The more prestigious the award, the more important the organization giving the award is. They are usually placed close together. At times, the year is made part of the award title as it is important as well. Other times, the year is included only to remember when the person received it. Context is important. Key information is grouped at the top, less important at the bottom. Separation can be by the amount of space or perhaps a graphical ornament. Laser Engraving Given the chosen shape and information the customer wanted on this glass piece, I needed to create balance and proximity of key information. The logo could have been placed on the upper left; however, it would just hang there, out of balance. ® 800-345-0062 WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? QUALITY? INNOVATION? THE ORIGINAL? THE BEST?

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