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November '17

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A&E NOVEMBER 2017 • 47 bulb. UV is measured in wave lengths called Nanometers, and in order to work for our intended process, the light should have at least 350 Nanometers. The other important factor in choosing the right light is the wattage of the bulb. In the early days, we operated with 15-watt bulbs, but later found that 20-watt bulbs work better. You can find that information directly on your light bulb; it is printed on one end of the bulb. This is good to know if you need a replacement bulb. The bulb fits into the cradle on either side of the body and attaches with two pins on each end. First you place the bulb into the cradle, and then gently turn it until it comes to a natural stopping point; this is called a bayonet fitting. What you may not know is that the bulb comes on when you turn the timer on, but it is really the ballast inside the body that starts the light. When your unit is new, this happens pretty instantaneously. As you keep working with the unit, and if you are paying attention to it, you may begin to notice that there is a brief delay Sandcarving The clear cylinder with the blanket clasped to one side laying flat to accept film and artwork. The stretchy black blanket by itself; it often shows marks of use along the plastic keepers. Sideview of the Letralite showing the mechanical timer.

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