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November '17

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A&E NOVEMBER 2017 • 49 Sandcarving THE BALLAST I covered this part of the unit while discussing the light bulb. If you are mechanically inclined, you won't find it too difficult to replace the unit, if necessary. Be sure to note which of the wires connect where so that the unit will function properly after you replace the ballast. If that type of work is not your thing, find someone who can do it for you. THE CYLINDER The rounded cylinder, which sits over the light, is made from a special plastic material. I can't say from which specific material it is made. The curvature of the cylinder guarantees that no matter where you place your film and artwork onto its surface, it will always be the same distance to the exposure light, which in turn guarantees a good exposure. It is important to keep this cylinder in good shape—avoid scratches to the surface and keep it clean; any deposit on the cylinder will create a visible spot on your exposed film. The only problem we ever had with this part of the unit was many years ago. We were teaching a class on the road and had several brand new Letralites shipped to the class site. As we began using the units, try as we You can slide a bracket off each end where the bulb is attached. A close-up of the bulb.

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