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52 • A&E NOVEMBER 2017 by Jim Sadler CORELDRAW FROM A TO E CorelDraw's Shape tools make life so much easier. Trying to construct a perfect square or circle using the Bezier tools alone is a nightmare. Why? Because the place- ment and alignment of the nodes for such objects require exact measurements. The Bezier Pen tool is great for constructing any irregular shape or line, but it's not easy to factor in precise node locations on the fly. The node adjustment arms also work best through eyeballing rather than plugging in numbers. We'd be in a sorry state if we had to manually construct regular shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, ellipses, etc., by hand. So, let's explore the Shape and Perfect Shape tools. The Rectangle tool is found in the Toolbar along the left side of the page (default). In the fly-out menu, there are two options: the basic Rectangle tool and the 3 Point Rectangle tool. If we click on the basic rectangle option then move to our page and click and drag, a rectangle will appear on the page. In the Properties bar, there will be numbers indicating x and y coordinates—the exact location of the center of the rectangle, in from the left and down from the top (depending on how the rulers are set up). Also displayed are numbers indicating the exact width and height of the rectangle. We can precisely reshape and relocate the rectangle by changing these numbers. Alternatively, we can relocate the rect- angle by clicking on it and dragging, and we can change the dimensions by clicking on the marker in the lower right corner and dragging in to make it smaller, and out to make it larger. We can also use the other corner markers to similar effect or the center markers on the sides to adjust horizontally or vertically. (fig 1) Shaping Up… COREL'S SHAPE TOOLS T his column is being written to demonstrate practical uses of CorelDraw for those working within the awards and engrav- ing industry. For those new to Corel, I suggest concentrating on the basics from books, media, seminars or tutoring, with the aim of becoming productive as soon as possible. Earn while you learn. And the most effective way to learn is by repeated use, gaining profi- ciency and then moving forward adding new skills. These articles try to focus on skills relevant to our readers' needs. Procedure descrip- tions are somewhat generic due to wide variation in Corel versions. Consult your version documentation as needed. fig 0 ALL IMAGES COURTESY JIM SADLER

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