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A&E NOVEMBER 2017 • 53 When dragging out the rectangle, we can form a perfect square by holding down the Control key. Or we can hold down both the Control and Shift keys to create a perfect square drawn from the center. Normally when the mouse is first clicked, the upper left corner is anchored to the page and the rectangle is formed by drag- ging down and to the right. If we hold down the Shift key, we'll be able to draw a rectangle from the center, out. All of the above holds equally true for the Ellipse tool—creating the ellipse, resizing, relocating, creating a perfect circle, and the option of drawing from the corner down or the center out for either the ellipse or the circle. The Properties bar also makes it possible in the case of the rectangle to determine the roundness of each corner, or all cor- ners simultaneously, by typing in roundness percentages. For example, in the case of a square, the number would be 0 and a circle 100, and everything in between would be a square with varying degrees of roundness for each corner. (fig 2) Graphic Design fig 1 fig 2

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