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A&E NOVEMBER 2017 • 57 Graphic Design boxes, stars, and callout boxes. By choosing the Perfect Shape tool in the Toolbar and then in the Properties bar clicking on the Basic shape icon, a fly-out appears showing the many basic shape options. Click on the desired shape and drag out onto the page. From there it can be adjusted in the usual ways, but if it has Glyph nodes, those can also be adjusted accordingly. The more complex tool options (arrows, flow chart, stars, callouts) each have their own shape options to choose from and when dragged out onto the page, may have their own specific Glyph nodes that can be adjusted. Some shapes will have multiple Glyph nodes, in which case they will be color-coded with each color representing a specific range of motion when adjusting. All of the above shapes can be assigned strokes and fills as with any other object. They can also be stripped of the super powers contained in their Glyph or Dynamic nodes, by converting them to curves (Arrange/Con- vert to Curves). Also, keep in mind that any shape, including all of the above, can have its outline converted to an object. Generally, you will want to increase the weight of the outline before converting so it has some substance once it becomes its own shape. It's also a good idea to keep a copy of the original since, once transformed, the original is lost forever. (fig 9) Just select the object and go to Arrange/ Convert Object to Outline and what was a shape with an outline now becomes a new shape based on the outline of the original. This shape functions like any other object and can be filled, etc., accordingly. Jim Sadler is a former university professor of computer graphics and a freelance designer. He is currently offering his services as a con- sultant within the industry. He brings together his expertise in design, computer graphics and industry-related technologies with his ability to communicate through teaching, technical assistance and, of course, through writing for A&E Magazine. Jim can be reached by e-mail at His web address is A A A&E fig 8 fig 9

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