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Electronic Digital Signage EDS Systems: All-in-One or One for All Guidelines for match- ing the digital signage system with the client's application needs BY REGAN DI C K INSON E Regan Dickinson is the former executive editor for Sign Business and Digital Graphics magazine. He currently resides in Denver, Colo., where he continues to follow the wide-format digital printing industry. lectronic digital signage (EDS) systems can be daunting for the uninitiated, which is why all-in-one sys- tems (media player, software and mounts built into the screen) can be a great way to get started. Obviously, they're much simpler to deal with and are virtually plug and play. The All-In-One Option "All-in-one systems have their place: One or two signs where the customer wants to welcome someone and show some content, like a doctor's office or a small restaurant, but when you have 18 • November 2012 • SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS multiple screens at the same location or multiple locations, you need some- thing more robust," says Rich Ventura, director of sales for vertical solutions at NEC Display Solutions America, Itasca, Ill. "Expandability is important to look at for hardware and software. You may put in one sign today, but you may put in more signs at that location later. Or, if they have multiple locations, you may want to network those locations. If it's not expandable it can be detrimental to future growth." Ventura adds that since the needs of each customer can vary dramati- cally based on what type of business or institution it is, software companies are increasingly providing vertical solutions. In other words, you can tailor the general design to a restaurant, resort, hospital or college and then further customize it from there. "All-in-one systems are quite valid, but usually only play out in smaller ELECTRIC SIGNAGE

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