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packages. It's a good way to start, but we don't see large-scale deployments using all-in-one systems," concurs Sam Taylor, executive VP of Almo Pro A/V in Lutherville, Md. The choice will depend on a thor- ough needs analysis. Of course any sale should include a needs analysis of varying depths, but with EDS you'll need to dig deeper. Even in the case of the all-in-one single screen installation, you'll need to find out how far they want to go, con- tent-wise, and if they plan on expanding the system later. Assessing Needs The first and most obvious question is how many screens there will be as part of the installation, and what content will be displayed on those screens. The con- tent desired will dictate how robust the system must be, and if they want a lot of bells and whistles, they may need to break out of the all-in-one box, so to speak. "It's very important to know how much and what type of content they want to display. They won't typically know exactly what they want, but you need at least a general idea: Do they want just a simple full screen video and images, or do they want to break the screen into zones for multi-layered content? Then, you need to find out how they want to man- age the system," explains Brian Rhatigan, business development manager for Almo Pro A/V. "Do they prefer to walk from screen to screen in a multi-screen instal- lation and update each with a flash card, or do they prefer remote network man- agement. I find out about their existing network infrastructure and if they prefer to have all the players and software on the same network, cloud-based or as a lease or subscription service." More Questions… and Answers Besides all the technical details, such as those mentioned by Almo's Rhatigan regarding network infrastructure and whatnot, perhaps the most important question is simply, "Why?" Why does All-in-one EDS systems are best when deployed at smaller locations, such as a restau- rant. (Image cour- tesy of NEC) Does the customer want a simple full screen video and images, or do they want to break the screen into zones for multi-layered content, or is multiple screens a better solution? (Image courtesy of NEC) Outdoor applications introduce another set of variables, such as heat (from the sun), and waterproofing. (Image courtesy of NEC) SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS • November 2012 • 19

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