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the customer want an EDS system in the first place? Because it's cool? Because it's the latest trend? Or is it simply to keep up with competitors? If so, those are not good answers. But if they're the best answers you can get from them, it might be best to sell them a static sign that will last forever and doesn't need to be updated. "Everyone is talking about digital Managing EDS content has become easier over the years. For example, BrightAuthor, from BrightSign, is a PC software application designed to help users create, publish and manage EDS presentations. (Image courtesy of Almo Pro A/V) signage, but not everyone understands why they're doing it. I head the verti- cal sales team focused on restaurants, retail and education for NEC and I talk to end users all the time about digital menu boards," says Ventura. "Some say they need a digital menu board to keep up with their competition. I don't want to talk them out of a sale, but I ask them how it will impact and interact with their marketing plan. Are they doing it to impact their The first and most obvious question is how many screens there will be as part of the installation, and what content will be displayed on those screens. (Image courtesy of NEC) business as opposed to keeping up with the competition? If they're doing it to impact their busi- ness, how are they One of the central pieces of any EDS system is the media player. (Image courtesy of Almo Pro A/V) verifying its impact on business and what systems are they using from an analyt- ics perspective? Those are the types of questions you need to ask about signage. What I hate seeing are small businesses who say they don't see a sales increase after they deploy it." Menu boards at fast food chains is an application with growing demand. (Image courtesy of NEC) 20 • November 2012 • SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS Learn the Parameters Once that all-important "why" is determined, then it's time to move on to all the parameters of the project itself. "How is the product going to be used, where will you use it and for how long? What kind of data feeds are tied to it, and ELECTRIC SIGNAGE

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