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will it require motion and remote capa- bilities? Who will manage the content, who will create and schedule content and will there be any integration with existing databases? It's a who, what, where, when and how list of questions. You have to be very probing in these questions because you need to find out what they want the digital sign for and how it will play out in the short-term and the long- term," adds Ventura. All of the answers to the questions will determine the relative complexity of the system and make it clear whether or not a simple all-in-one EDS will work for the project at hand, or if the basic compo- nents—screen, mounts, media player and content management software (CMS)— need to be un-bundled, so to speak, to accommodate more robust networking and content management. You could have a multi-screen instal- lation that uses multiple all-in-one devices. For instance, a hotel might want to deploy three or four screens at its conference rooms and update each one individually with simple content like a schedule of events for the day. On the other hand, they might also want to have everything coordinated and centrally controlled. Either way, an EDS deploy- ment of any type represents opportunity for the sign company to create and man- age ongoing content for the customer. Don't Walk Away "Just because you sell them the sys- tem, you can't just walk away," says Ventura. "The sign companies that come to the table with a solution, deliver it, and have a maintenance program tied in with it will be a lot more successful than the sign companies that just sell it. "You have to have a support mecha- ITS_ViewStation_Water_4.625x7.375.indd 1 Use INFO # 121 5/31/12 2:23 PM IT'S GUARANTEED TO DAMAGE YOUR DISPLAY. WE GUARANTEE IT WON'T. Mother Nature can be cruel. Especially to your sensitive electronics. With over 27 years of experience, ITSENCLOSURES has the proven track record to guarantee LCDs will withstand any environment. Our line of ViewStation LCD enclosures protect against rain, snow, extreme heat, frigid temperatures, theft and even the teenage vandal. From stadium to transportation terminal to drive-thru, ViewStation offers customized solutions for any display – large or small, inside or out. And each unit is installed by trained experts, made in the USA and comes with unparalleled customer support. To learn how we can help you, call 1.800.423.9911 or visit 25 25 nism behind it. It's a different type of maintenance contract than you might have with electric signs where the sign company is typically involved only in outdoor maintenance. With EDS you get involved inside and out, so it's an ongoing program that provides ongo- ing revenue." SDG SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS • November 2012 • 21

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