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November '12

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Using a painter's trim brush, I worked around the circle outlining the shape of the logo. By quitting time, I had the logo all outlined and ready to fill in. That task, and painting the company name would wait until another day. Lettering the company name was the only part of the painting that required a bit of brush handling experience, but the letters were large and easy to do. A lettering flat, 3/4" wide, was the tool of choice for the company name. Here the pencil lines are visible that were made so the pounced image would be more permanent. I had thought in advance to form a tray to take with me in the bucket, so everything I would need would be handy to get to. Filling in the logo was all that was left to complete the job, which took one full afternoon and two hours on Monday, the Labor Day holiday. 26 • November 2012 • SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS MASTER'S TOUCH

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