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I worked in a few budget savers on this job. The letters were painted by Stewart's them- selves, which saved them a little and also involved them in the project. The body shop painted letters seem to go well with the theme. stand the options. With Stewart's, this is when I made it clear that red letters on black would need an outline and some dimensional letters to be effective. The key sales moment happens when the cli- ent becomes invested in one of several higher end possibilities. Sometimes, I try to avoid talking specific price for as long as I can in order to prioritize compre- hensive design options. In a sense, we've clearly arrived on the new sports car lot for keeps, and it would be insulting to remind the person that these cars are a bit more expensive. For me today, good sales have to start This clean layout had a strong impact and was worth devel- oping and thinking through carefully. The "BODY SHOP" wording is what I call a "Bank" element. This placement of the lettering is very visible and clear-cut. These few letters could easily wind up paying for all of the rest of the signage. with an internal oath, which might go something like this, "I, Vidge, a grown- up version of that paint- splattered kid I used to be, is going to do a totally killer job on this funky old place." Period. For much of the process, I'm not at all sure what this really means. The important thing is that I know I'm not going to be satisfied until I've pushed every button possible to create an inspired project. Taking time to understand and respect the client's taste, as well as noticing and caring about every detail along the way is what adds up to a win-win agreement. In the past, my Jackson Pollack sweat- shirt was enough to convince everyone, including all random pedestrians, that I was an artist of some kind and at least had some experience. Now, as a seasoned sign profes- sional, I understand that in order to it takes an engaged negotiation and research process to achieve a high-end result, that will suc- cessfully surpass the status quo. SDG 32 • November 2012 • SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS MASTER'S TOUCH

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