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November '12

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The Flora 2512UV. The HP Scitex FB500. The Hostert Automatic Loader speeds up stack-to-stack operations. UV flatbed printers use a stationary flat- bed design that holds the media in place during the printing process. "Since the system never has to stop printing for a media change," says Paar, "no time is lost between prints and significantly higher net productivity can be achieved" Steve Ball, owner of Graphix Direct (distributor for Flora), cites a low price point combined with an array of tech- nological advancements as distinguish- able benefits of the Flora UV flatbed printers. "We're the least expensive on the market," says Ball. "We can print on substrates up to four inches thick, which is a big deal. Our alignment pins are a new and unique feature, as well as our four-quadrant vacuum system." Latest and Greatest As sign shops become more creative in what they print on, manufacturers have had to adjust. For instance, with materials such as acrylic, glass and sty- rene rising in popularity among shops, white ink has found a prominent place in the industry. How important is it? "The people who have it talk about it; the people that don't, don't," Ball says. Flora's printers have three-way white printing, with the ability to lay white ink in spot color, cover white, and full sheet. HP, which manufactures and sells the 64" HP Scitex FB500 Industrial Printer 36 • November 2012 • SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS DIGITAL PRINTING AND FINISHING DIGITAL GRAPHICS

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