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Using reflective window perf you can carry a reflective wrap across the win- dows to create a uniform look for maximum night- time advertising. (Photos cour- tesy of Graphic Impressions and Clear Focus) night time advertising, incorporating reflective is often just a matter of adding in a "cool" effect. You often see the sports car on the side of the van or the motorcy- cle illuminated on a plain vehicle. These graphics look great during the day, but have that huge "wow factor" at night too. Safety is another concern and a great opportunity to add-in reflective films. Emergency vehicles, tow trucks, delivery vehicles and semi-trucks are often on the roads in the evenings, many making stops on the side of the road. Reflective graph- ics stand out when illuminated by the headlights of oncoming vehicles, alerting them to the presence of the other vehicle. installed Avery Dennison reflective products on almost 20 A-TEC ambu- lances. (Photo courtesy of Road Rage Designs and Avery Dennison) Road Rage Designs, in Spring Grove, Ill., has Installation There is definitely a difference when working with reflective films. Even the highly conformable films are thicker and a little harder to work with. Too much stretching can leave a mark in the film and conforming to deep concave areas or over curves can be a bit tricky. I talked with Keith Kelly, president of I spoke with Cheryl Besl, marketing director for Avery Dennison, and she also mentioned HV 1200 film, a high visibil- ity, screen-printable reflective film. She mentioned that Road Rage Designs, out of Spring Grove, Ill., has completed sev- eral partial ambulance wraps for A-TEC using this film with the DOL 1360 gloss overlaminate. For flatter applications and spot graphics I am also fond of Arlon's DPF 2400 reflective film. This printable reflective film is also flexible and features a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. Couple this with a cast Series 3200 over- laminate for best results. Windows should not be neglected when adding printable reflective graph- ics to your vehicle wraps. The ability to wrap right over windows while still maintaining visibility maximizes your options. Clear Focus offers ReflectVue, a printable perforated window film that is also reflective. It has approximately a one year outdoor life. Lamination with an optically clear laminate helps protect the vinyl and keeps the holes from filling with water, but may also slightly reduce the reflectance of the film. Benefits We do many, many vehicle wraps that have a great advertising impact as they drive around during the day. A printable reflective film can extend this advertis- ing impact into the night. Increasing the exposure of any wrap is the ultimate goal and one of the many benefits of incorpo- rating reflective graphics. While this goes hand-in-hand with 56 • November 2012 • SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS The KPM Group, in Burleson, Texas. His company provides graphics for several hundred emergency vehicle providers in six different states. Kelly said that in working with a vinyl film they were not able to get the adhesion they needed on vehicles with heavy contours. The KPM Group was able to solve this problem by working hand-in-hand with 3M to come up with a custom version of the IJ680CR film that offered extra adhesion that as 3M says was an "extreme application." As 3M explains, the reflective film "has a distinctive construction that allows light to reflect back to the viewer, making the film somewhat thicker than many wrap films and giving it an inherent tendency to rebound when stretched in more than one direction." 3M does caution that, "Extreme stresses on the film may also reduce the reflectivity in those areas." If adhesion seems to be a problem, 3M also recommends looking at similar products that may have a permanent adhesive as opposed to a removable one. WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS

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