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industry in Duluth, Ga. This person is responsible for intimately learning all ADA regulations and staying on top of any changes. Many sign shops choose to des- ignate someone in the production depart- ment because this means someone who is knowledgeable in ADA is also overseeing sign fabrication for this application, and mistakes are less likely to happen. "The sign shops that have commit- ted to having a person who is their lead knowledge base for ADA signage seem to do much better," Harris says. A sign shop can confirm it is in com- pliance with the new regulations by checking with the U.S. Department of Justice at or the United States Access Board at www.access-board. gov/ada. Official documents regarding the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design and Guidance on the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design are also available to download at www.ada. gov/2010ADAstandards_index.htm, and the ADA Information Line is open at 800-514-0301. However, since these are government documents and can often sound more complicated than tax code, it's always a benefit to have a familiar resource to consult before you begin fabrication—at least until you become an expert yourself. Hank McMahon, president of, a sign manufacturer in Chattanooga, Tenn., agrees that having a designated ADA expert can be helpful and has had success with that model in his own company. By having an ADA expert on board, a sign shop can also increase its value proposition to clients. Many ADA end users, such as office buildings and hospitals, have run-ins with inspec- tors and need someone on their side that is ready to deal with any problems that might occur. "Our customers look to us to know that they are, in fact, receiving signs that are ADA compliant," McMahon says. "If you had an office building with 200- 300 signs and there was a problem, it would take weeks of review. It would be extremely difficult and cost the client a lot of money." With the new regulations, there have been some changes with Braille that sign shops should research. (Photo cour- tesy of (Photos courtesy of Gemini Inc.) ADA / WAYFINDING METAL PLAQUES 8 Day Turnaround • Lead Free • Lifetime Guarantee 1-800-538-8377 Use INFO # 86 SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS • November 2012 • 79

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